British protests of Trump unsurprising given his criticisms

former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill’s first coined the phrase the special relationship to describe anglo-american relations back in 1946 and its been a much cherish I’m here ever since but it hasn’t offered written immunity from insult when it comes to the US administration of Donald J Trump so let us count the ways no go zones even before mr. Trump became president Trump he was wrestling feathers on this side of the pond in 2015 he claimed they were radicalized no go zones that the British police were afraid to enter and then when he was in office he falsely blamed rise and UK crime and what he called radical Islamic Terror London City, he’s been targeted more than once by the US president really offended were the ones that came right in the midst of the London Bridge attack first Trump used it to justify his call for a travel ban on six muslim-majority countries then he called the London are pathetic and took his comments urging londoners to remain calm out-of-context backing the far-right in November Donald Trump retweet it a series of anti-muslim videos posted by an extreme right French group called Britain first and even though anxious to reach a post brexit trade deal with Trump the British prime minister Theresa May felt compelled to intervene telling trump it was wrong to give voice to hateful narratives Remember When Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower and then his spokesman push the envelope even further by repeating some media reports that British intelligence and help him do it is James Bond agencies were not amused gchq the surveillance agency actually issued a statement calling the allegations ridiculous no service if there’s one thing you really don’t want to mess with him Britain it is the NHS it’s right up there with the monarchy and football when it comes to British values for grits even celebrated the NHS wedding ceremonies at the London Olympics in 2012 earlier this year Trump sent out a tweet decrying universal healthcare in flying British were marching against it wrong tweeted back the British Labour leader Jeremy corbyn people marched because we love our NHS Healthcare is a human right and that is just a small taste of Margaret Evans BBC News London a bit busy Friday he will hold talks with Theresa May a Checkers the prime minister’s country Retreat after press conference it’s off to Windsor Castle to me and he will fly to Scotland to stay at one of his golf courses on Sunday he leaves for Helsinki for next week’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Planned British protests of President Donald Trump tomorrow aren’t surprising, given Trump’s numerous criticisms of his ally in the past. The National takes a look at how U.S. relations with the U.K. have gotten frosty since Trump took office.

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