Brad Thor opens up about his new book ‘Spymaster’

president Trump is poised to unless Russia’s help he’s trying to win Key International conflicts National Security adviser John Bolton Said the election meddling will also be on the radar during the best selling author Brad Thor can I Rob thanks great to be here okay so you have studied Russia inside a now you write about it you talk to The Experts what do you make of where we are in this relationship between our two presidents now turn all time low I mean it’s very very bad in Winston Churchill had that great phrase which is Jaja is better than war-war so if you’re talking and not warring that’s actually a good thing I understand what’s at stake here I think a fair-minded person can say is a dangerous guy I mean is a former KGB officer he’s very smart he knows how to get to Trump if he wants to get to Trump now president Trump I don’t know how much prep she’s done for this but I will say this that would John Bolton behind him nobody’s going to take advantage of Donald Trump I don’t care what Bolton says now that he’s with Trump he is a Russia Hawk and he does not trust Putin he doesn’t trust and he’s the kind of guy that every American should be taking a breath saying we’re lucky to have bolt in there this thing and he’ll think he’s going to be okay because what you said they need to be talking they are involved in everything from North Korea to Syria to Middle East and Beyond and I think this President thinks there’s no point in having conversations it brushes not a player at the table because they have to be a part of the solution they got shoved out of the G8 then went to the G7 for good reason because they Annex Crimea and it was funny from a historical perspective September 30th of this year will be the 80th anniversary of Neville Chamberlain handing over the sudetenland to hit that slice of Czechoslovakia hoping to slake Hitler’s thirst for Domination and it didn’t it let us right to World War so history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme and this is very soon to be a very delicate thing for president Trump but I have to tell you all from both sides left and right we have to give them credit for being willing to talk to Putin I think that’s a good thing if nothing works out at least we tried it the North Koreans are suckering us in that they’re still allow promulgating their nuclear program and have no real intentions of scrapping it we know the Secretary of State Pompeii was headed there on July 5th what do you make a relationship as it’s playing out with Zack Kingdom I don’t think we got anything for that Singapore meeting I think there was a there was a photo op which serves Kim Jong Lynn a lot more than it did us and then president Trump without speaking to Maddox without speaking to the South Korean president decides okay we’re going to suspend our military exercises over which a lot of people don’t know that every time we put a plain up the North Koreans have to put one up to and it cost him a ton of money those things were a form of sanctions in and of themselves so to lose that to walk away from Singapore with nothing that was the art of the deal I had there is nothing that I was impressed by with that I don’t think anything’s going to come out of Helsinki but I don’t think it’s going to be a net loss for the United States at any time so we’ll see tomorrow I can’t wait to read it thank you
On ‘Fox News @ Night,’ best-selling author’s new book has words of warning about Russia.

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