Border Patrol official: ‘Zero tolerance will stay in effect’

what we’ve seen here in South Texas is a significant increase in the flow of family units from Central America and certainly as part of the zero-tolerance policy we want to try and curb that and as much as we possibly can so what we’ve seen is over the last couple of weeks are operational Temple has fluctuated significantly and we had one week where we apprehended 3,600 people and then a second week where we’ve apprehended 4100 people are expectation is that we will continue to prosecute well because we certainly have to be there has to be consequences for violating the law which is you know Crossing Elite crossing the border illegally in between the ports of Entry certainly a violation of the law and we want to try and deter folks from making that dangerous Trek all they’re doing is fueling the cartels so hopefully that you know there will be a detention or some sort of expedited hearing for those individuals and then at some point you would want to repatriate them back to their home country

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