Border patrol detains citizen for not answering question

new tonight driver stop the major highways interrogated the reason or security is happening right now on the US border with Canada Martin savidge is out front I-93 in New Hampshire about 80 miles from the Canadian border Justin Summers operated by the u.s. border patrol he starts recording the border patrol agent tells him if he wants to keep driving so he has to answer a I indicate hey I don’t want to answer this question so I’d like to be on my way that didn’t happen this is the area of the checkpoint Justin Summers says when he refuse to answer the questions they detained it and said they would hold him until he told them what they wanted to hear another word indefinitely if you don’t answer this question we’re going to hold you on the side of the road here until 2 exactly it’s sad it’s kind of an intimidation tactic I think so this is another checkpoint in New Hampshire Memorial Day weekend and this was main just this month or being stopped detain seized and interrogated without any reasonable suspicion without any probable cause that a crime has been committed and that’s really not how our constitution works illegal and blames the Trump Administration zero-tolerance immigration policy and you don’t have to live near a border to run into a checkpoint by law border agents can work up to 100 miles from the entire perimeter of the country two-thirds of individuals living in the United States actually fall within the within this hundred-mile region it gives us a chance to see what’s going on in our case what’s going on in our area the checkpoints aren’t random but based on intelligence he sees the questioning and Detention of Americans has a minor inconvenience it’s no more inconvenience and you have a traffic light true but we’re not asking what you’re doing or why we’re just asking you a simple question are you a citizen United States are of what country are you a citizen that but you will delay my moving forward until I give you some response that were allowed to do the checkpoint in Maine did apprehended undocumented immigrant but Harman couldn’t say how many Americans had to be stopped and questioned to make that happen meanwhile in neighboring New Hampshire Justin Summers was eventually released then says he do it all again after all he lives in the state whose motto is Live Free or Die and I don’t want to be a nation of checkpoints I don’t want to be a nation where you have to prove that you have the right to where you are doing your daily activities for now the checkpoints are going to continue and even though the law says you can only be detained briefly well your idea briefly and the border patrols idea briefly could be very different
Drivers are being stopped and interrogated on the US border with Canada by border patrol.

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