Border crossing caught on camera

as the Trump Administration intensifies its efforts to curb illegal immigration attempts to cross the US border with Mexico continue on Wednesday at CBS News crew witness one of those attempts as a man in a raft attempted to snow two people into the u.s. there crossing near Roma Texas with less than 100 yards from a Port of Entry where dozens of armed agents are station are David Bednar was there and has the story stay here along the border we’d come to do a story about people getting letters regarding the border wall the president wants to build in this area and we have come to this Lookout Point where you can stand here and look at Mexico it’s beautiful here it’s a wildlife area you see the Rio Grande River camera crew was standing right here in this spot where I am right now my producer and I got another vehicle and we drove across that international bridge in the Mexico we made two right-turn hook the right and a second right came right down that road there the Gravel Road bark at the park I get out of the vehicle and I see what is a raft in the water right here so I start rolling on my phone you can see a man in the boat laying on his stomach and there’s two people in the boat appearing to wear life jackets right so they’re coming across to the other side classic what we’ve been told by border patrol people using the Rio Grande river to sneak into the US illegally so I get off my phone I’m recording it and as I’m recording that I hear a man off to my right start speaking in Spanish I can’t tell what he’s saying speak Spanish but I look over toward him and he’s just stirring essentially telling me to get out the ends up saying to my producer and I it’s not safe here and you need to go we ended up leaving the area within about 10 minutes we were back on the US side the and who was paddling actually walked across that’s how shallow it is they’re in the river he was able to walk back onto the other side he gave us the middle finger and stated off into the tree line This highlights an ongoing issue that border patrol has been talking about the Rio Grande River people just swim they walk across they come across easily but was surprising for us to see is that this happened in broad daylight about a hundred yards from where there are dozens of Customs and Border Protection Officer people in the blue uniform who actually process the vehicles coming from Mexico on to the US side now granted they’re focused on the vehicles we did see two blue uniformed officers standing on the bridge across the bridge they didn’t see what was going on I’ll tell you what else I confirmed around the time this happened it was shift change for border patrol and a source within the agency tells us The Smuggler’s they know exactly what time to do this type of activity here on the river and the guy who threatened us and I’ll tell you we were scared it was ominous to listen to him and he clearly was letting us know that it was time to get out he had a walkie-talkie in his hand and he was communicating with the guy who was in The Wrath we could hear the guy in the rap talking back to him and they were telling us to get out of the area that guy is called the Scout he Scouts he watches and he lets The Smuggler know how to get the people on to the other side this is an example of why the Trump Administration has been pushing for a border wall it’s one reason why they want to try and wall through here this area of Roma Texas in Stark County where we are there is no wall through here residence we’ve talked to say they need more border patrol officers more cameras more blimps and more modern technology to try and detective people who are across but I’ll tell you you don’t need much modern technology to see what we saw today it was clear it was evident and it happened quickly the guy got them onto this side they ran off into the woods and we could tell border patrol never found him in a statement Customs and Border Protection responded to CBS news saying and part Roma Texas is located in one of the most volatile areas of the Southwest border smuggling event occurred daily at all hours as criminal organ did you exploit any shortages or gaps in Border infrastructure technology and personnel
As the Trump administration intensifies its efforts to curb illegal immigration, attempts to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. On Wednesday, a CBS News crew witnessed one of those attempts. CBS News correspondent David Begnaud reports on what he saw along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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