Blind man rescued after falling onto Toronto subway tracks

Toronto man is being hailed as a hero this morning after his fast actions help save a man who had fallen onto the tracks at a subway station Megan Roberts is here with the details on that so may can tell us the story what happened to her will the man that fell on the side talks Natasha I was actually a blind man and that is how presumably he accidentally fell into these tracks are actually total of three men that are being hailed for their heroism in pulling him from those tracks one of those men has been and hear the three men there the man in the middle draw your attention to is Kyle back when he’s 24 years old he’s the one who’s been identified in this photo was taken just moments after it happened after they were able to pull that man from the tracks by a commuter on the eye side of the subway station you can see their the man who fell lying on the ground just by the feet of those three men so what happened is the man-in-the-middle Kyle basquin heard yelling something yelling somebody calling for help it was the man you see lying there he saw that man lying in the track with his walking cane and he just jumped into action he said he knew he had to do something so he jumped onto the track to other men follow the three of them together go to work to lift that man up from the track and bring him to safety box when says he doesn’t really consider himself a hero he said it was simply the human thing to do here’s what he said go and see what’s happening and then when I seen the guy in the actual train tracks I just knew what I had to do some very ethically and morally driven I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t help somebody that’s obviously needed the help was clearly in need I think I did is not heroic I think I just did a very human thing and just stating someone that was in trouble young man so heroic being a potted in the city right across the country but we’re also hearing from the TTC if something like this happens what are we supposed to do there certainly some protocol in the first Woodson the most but it’s always worth saying which is to look for Health Scan the track see if there’s a member of the Toronto Transit Commission the TTC there that can help you after that you can go and look for the intercom there these places in Toronto in the subway stations called designated weigh areas in there there’s an intercom where you can talk to somebody directly the station collector who can help you if that fails there’s one more emergency measures you can take me to see if he actually stop the tracks you can turn off the power to the tracks there are emergency power stations at either end of the track and if you go there there’s a instructions on how you can turn the power off to the practice of course the last measure and these of course are very true on to a specific examples but anywhere else where there’s subway tracks or light rail tracks will have their own emergency procedures in looking for help from somebody who works there is always the first step
A blind man was rescued by three quick-thinking men after falling onto Toronto subway tracks.
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