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we do it with our fingers and hands without even realizing it depending on the task we continuously adjust the amount of pressure we exert no researchers have found a way to convey this precise graded control to a prosthetic hand and in doing so they are restoring human connections Keith of under Who-ville lost his dominant right hand 11 years ago in a work accident he’s had a prosthetic arm it is just a tool and be like you taking one of those Grabbers and grab your child’s how do you get anything out of it do you feel anyting know you don’t now a new prosthetic system is getting Keith the ability not only to feel his loved ones hand but also to finally control the pressure he’s exerting that’s proven and valuable my granddaughters what sensation on I grabbed it with both hands and picked her up and could actually feel that I was holding her and not squeezing too tight and she gave me a big hug that one just that one gets to me it’s all about creating electrical connections between the aesthetic and and the human brain our work in this project showed us that we could achieve graded perception of intensity with artificial electrical stimulation electrical stimulation now can mimic come very close to what you have electrical language do that pressure sensors on the prosthetic and send signals to a portable stimulator which in turn send electrical pulses to nerve bundles in his arm this stimulated nerves carry signals to the brain determines the intensity that Keith feels doing things out in the kitchen like butter in a piece of toast grabbing eggs and not smashed macing little to some people but it’s big things to others but she when you’re missing a limb the previous study provide subjects with the ability to distinguish between textures Source building on a lot of important work that we’ve been doing at Case Western Reserve University in collaboration with a VA Medical Center funding both from the VA and from DARPA DC4 carpet convention secretary defense average you like me doesn’t usually meet somebody like that it used to be I would shake with my left hand and now I feel a lot more confident I’ll put my right hand out there Aunt shake the this connects them to the world they described it as their hand and I think that’s a critical difference here it becomes part of Who You Are intensity using the electrical stimulation this approach provides a new level of insight into the way the brain understands intensity which up until now has been a long debate in the scientific community complex set of stimuli in the sensations in the meantime is happy to use his new prosthetic system at home with sensation on I feel like I’m actually touch my daughter’s hand not the static and becomes natural to them just like it does to me makes a big difference
Two middle-aged men who lost their right hands in horrific accidents at work have revealed how the device has given them back their independence over the last two years. Keith Vonderhuevel (left), 51, from Ohio, is now able to pick up his grandchildren – and actually ‘feel’ their hands for the first time. And Igor Spetic (right), 52, also from Ohio, has been filmed at home brushing his teeth, combing his hair, cutting eggs and tomatoes and drizzling mayonnaise. Named ‘Sensation’, the bionic hand (inset) could revolutionise the treatment of maimed members of the Armed Forces, its developers claim.

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