Berman: Trump has no problem with verbal attacks

right now in Annapolis Maryland people are gathering for a vigil to remember and honor the five people who were killed in the shooting at that Newsroom of the Capital Gazette newspaper for the first time today the president spoke about the shooting on camera and on Air Force One yesterday he treated his phone prayer today he said this at an event at the White House journalist like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job families of the victims there are no words to express our sorry for your loss horrible horrible event horrible thing happened when you’re suffering we pledge maternal support Eternal support I think old country shares in that sentiment but if you noticed that President should be free from the fear of being quote violently attacked while doing their job by being the key phrase is keeping them honest the president clearly has no problem at all verbally attacking journalists he has been doing it since he started campaigning he has been doing it since he became president and he did it just this week look at all those fake news on one of the opposing networks You Know The Enemy the enemy of the people I call that was Monday in the present isn’t sincere when he says journalists should be violently attacked while doing their job but is repeated comments about journalism make it hard to believe what he said on Air Force One today I have a lot of respect for the Press keeping it honest president has been disrespecting journalist for years now he may think the TV host to endlessly praise him at a certain Network or some of the his people he knows but what about reporters doing actual report it over and over he has attacked the Free Press those people right up there with all the camera those very dishonest people back there absolute dishonest absolute scum deception is able to write whatever they want to write I’ve never seen more dishonest media people and I really think they don’t like our country in the media deserves a very very big fat failing gray they are the enemy of the people disgusting people it’s true
In response to a shooting at a Maryland newspaper, President Donald Trump condemned violent attacks on the media. CNN’s John Berman recognizes his history of verbal attacks on the media.

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