Ben Jealous: Don’t Abolish ICE, Get Rid Of President Donald Trump | Kasie DC | MSNBC

has president Trump consolidate power in his own party Democrats are washing their base shift to the left in an escalating Grassroots Rebellion Senate minority whip Dick Durbin says he can’t recall a similar movements was elected to congress in 1982 then came the shocking win of Alexandria ocasio-cortez in New York the 28 year old self-described Democratic Socialist at the same time the party voted this week to the role of super delegates which was an issue that came up once or twice but I heard about once or twice during the 2016 primaries super supreme court has left some with a feeling of deep disquiet where they from here and what’s the right message from Democrats running from Maryland to Missouri as the midterms approached I want to welcome to talk about all of this been jealous Democratic nominee for governor of Maryland and former president of the n-double-acp State a candidate for mayor of Kansas City gentleman. Thank you both for being here and I really appreciate your willingness to participate in this world of unusual conversation because I do feel like we have some class representation with the two of you what this party is facing you are both of course running for executive office is not for the legislature but one question that has been in the National conversation to both of you try to get a sense of how your answers make analysis question of whether or not we should abolish I sent mr. cater I’ll start with you do you think that we should apologize it is certainly advance to a place where it was not supposed to be when it was created and I had a very minimum I agree with the people who have said that this cannot be president trumps personal and what it actually ends up creating is a situation where it’s not able to accomplish any of the goals that it was put forth for in the very first place I’m here in Kansas City we continue the progress that we’ve made and it touches every single part of the city and and and hearing your question is whether or not that means we have to protect everybody out here in our city and absolutely we do do you believe that we should abolish ice in this country we need to get rid of trump we need to get back to real conversation that reflects the values of our country / how we welcome people who are coming to our coming to our country from folks who came here at my father’s side all the way through Ellis Island starting out in Salem in 1624 and what we know president of fixated on turning into a very abusive Force pushing it weigh beyond what it’s actual mission is not the same time building a wall and actually Karen children from the arms of their parents and putting them and so I get my phone to call in for ice to be abolished in the eye I understand their emotion but we do need an immigration service absolutely we just need one that actually Serve the People this time that reflects our values and not those of Donald Trump earlier this week when she took down leader of the party Nancy Pelosi and you have been somebody who has been in the most entrenched of democratic circles in your time in politics is the party need new leadership Nancy Pelosi she took down Crowley in New York signs of people on this time that we as a party have to run towards the people we got to put real solutions on the table yo here in my state got to have get back to our universities for the Boomers and so basic issues are deeply felt voters of all kinds small businesses because health care cost and he has no plan to deal with it pharmaceutical companies to cut the cost of healthcare to finally get her health care cost under control National Democrats about what is the best way how can I best help you a Democrat running for a municipal office the Democrats have neglected over the last 10 years or so how can they help you and other Democrats in a similar position and how I heard you show me a passion for me campaign and that means just being running for in that regard doors myself and people knew that I was talking to him from my heart same thing any campaign I’ve ever been involved with and it’ll be the same thing here now is I’m running for mayor Kansas City so what I tell my fellow Democrats all the time is you got to tell people why you believe what you believe and you got to make sure that they know that you believe it because you care about them and that’s just what you got to do across the board no matter what that’s what I need to do and that’s what I’m going to do in my race here in Kansas City the panel is sitting with Whitney Huron set up Michael Steele as you’re listening to these two gentlemen is it possible for Democrats kind of thread the needle and win in places like Maryland like Missouri like the Bronx you know one one message where does that message that one in the Bronx risk seats across the rest in their backyard they can’t run a national race in Kansas City the Ben can’t run national race in Maryland because the local constituency wants to know what are you going to do for me now photos of getting National information in orders are getting National information by the end of the day it’s always local look at what happened in Virginia with the Democrats upset a long-term incumbent Republican how did she do it and if a transgender candidate running in in Virginia she won by saying I’m going to fix the roads it wasn’t about it wasn’t about lgbtq issues broadly speaking it wasn’t about Health Care Net on the national scale it was about fixing the damn road so at the end of the day local issue for each of these candidates in Kansas City they want to know okay what are you going to do to make this a great City that we think it is and in Maryland can the same question truly historic number of women running for office across this country they are doing very well in their primaries this far and our position to do well in the general election why because they are just rolling up their sleeves they’re getting on the ground they’re talking boaters they’re listening on what folks need weather it’s Healthcare trim Danica roem talking about traffic in Southern Florida and of course they’re talking about gun violence protection that we’re seeing so many parts of the country it’s really understanding what the voters are looking for in their areas and then being authentic and listening and that’s why these women who are fresh faces a lot of them before and they are bringing these New Perspectives and passion about change and that’s where I think we’ve got a great opportunity Democrat about the leader of the party the truth is the leaders the leaders with an S at the party are coming up fast and they are on the ground right now winning elections and change this entire country very quickly mr. Candor at to you I’m curious what’s wrong with you mr. jealous present president Trump you said that we need to get rid of him at what do you say to voters who support I’m in your state I have folks who voted for him going now supporting me and they support me because they want to get healthcare costs under control they support me cuz they know that I actually spend my day is half decade since I left the association I’ve been investing in small businesses including several here in the state and I know how to grow our economy I was down here on the casino money is 122 at a 24 counties in an eight-way race they can find out we will do very well this fall and I didn’t I don’t think that’s a big surprise search for their families without having to move across town without having to leave importance to Kansas City that she’s reelected because she does right by our town that’s where my focus is going to be we’ve got an opportunity to defeat right to work on the ballot here in August so you know before we get to this campaign 2019 for me April I’m going to make sure that we’re doing the best things for Kansas City and the 2018 elections as well I appreciate too bad you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
Former president of NAACP and current candidate for Maryland governor, Ben Jealous, does not support the calls to abolish ICE, but says it can be fixed.
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Ben Jealous: Don’t Abolish ICE, Get Rid Of President Donald Trump | Kasie DC | MSNBC

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