Back home in Staten Island with ‘The Way I Are’ singer Bebe Rexha

thank you thank you so much thank you thank you thank you so much thank you in New York City I’m proud of you in the morning or after school and now taking some out there singer and songwriter has mastered the art of making hits on I got you find John with Mitsubishi the country collaboration with Florida Georgia Line has been number one on the charts for the 30th week in a row the spider ride has stayed true to her roots I want to be a big star when they I want to I want to like coming to the city and work in the city and make it out here and it was the city of dreams for me you know remember when Eminem and Rihanna dropped monster Bebe Road I thought you don’t like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child and I wanted to just be a singer it’s been a really long journey and trying to like I need rocks and this is who I am and I’m not The Faceless songwriter or artist down here so yeah I know this is kind of this is kind of like an old-school vision board Bebe gives a nod to Oprah and her dad for the idea to Oprah Winfrey for like $500 but I’m going to write it on my door so it kind of works for new single I’m a mess win gold in just one day hunger and drive and passion for music but also a sense of like insecurities of feeling like I need to belong and prove myself to the world the billboard through new album in her old neighborhood take a picture of this heavenly shunxing around me I drive him crazy because I have moments of like just crying and you know being on the road and being like love movie The Happy moments you know sometimes it’s myself cuz I’m happy but I just don’t ever show that two people have this weird thing of being scared that like I’m going to jinx things dishes yet there’s a connection to that culture she’s proud of where she’s from her father’s and immigrant her mother is first generation both parents made sacrifices for her to be here perhaps in the values instilled it separate her from the pack a little bit and then I’m 28 my mom took my cell phone away she took my laptop away I was in my hotel room and she literally body-slamming and isn’t that I was acting up a little bit and actually a little bit like a diva and she’s like you’re not going to do this when you’re not buying this with me my dad makes it really clear he’s like I don’t I don’t care how much money you make you can have a billion dollars respect for other people especially your elders and for yourself is the most important thing the stress of Industry gets to me sometimes going going gone ghost feeling something she writes about in songs like Ferrari how does being a songwriter give you more leverage or power other terms do they think you’re pretty enough or skinny or not for can you dance are you a girl that girls want to be friends with our guys want to be with it’s who you know and and how much you want to pay for the record we’re like when your songwriter you right and you are the controller and you onda publishing baby came back to surprise a group of 60 students who think they’re here for a student council meeting they bust out Me Myself & I I was so nervous I was like they’re not going to know who I am did they can identify with what is it about her the dissociation equation in the world going to be the same way that she is the story that’s still playing out just a kid from Staten Island who dare to dream hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news thanks for watching
“Nightline” went with the 28-year-old singer and songwriter on a hometown tour as she reflected on her childhood, her success and her belief in destiny.

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