Baby Boom

the nursery at Baylor Fort Worth has never been as full as it has in the last 41 hours and Halls have never been so busy either that’s a huge record zinncredible since you 2648 babies have been born in less than two days that’s an average of more than one baby an hour and there’s definitely a lively discussion here about why there’s always talk about full moons we definitely had a big full moon this week maybe there’s something to that is well maybe not but it’s always a busy time of year a busy time it is according to State records most babies are born in the month of July August and September Michelle Stanley says the hospital was prepared bringing the staff in pizza for everyone and even after 48 babies they are ready for more we’re ready for this we’re trained for this two-day-old Isaiah Johnson is one of them after an 18-hour labor this first time Mom got to meet her baby boy for the first time it was a terrible moment but it was joyful she had no idea about the baby boom at the hospital these new parents are thrilled to be a part of the record and like any new parent they can’t get enough of me sweet faces

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