Awkward ESPN Body shoot?

if you’re not comfortable in your own skin don’t even think about doing it is there spray tanning that goes on like up to I guess the person getting photographed that was interesting when I made a full swing I actually have done that before right before because you’re special football you doing Cuts but I do clean so you’re at your health is the most important thing but you are out there doing everything you can imagine on the football field just in a Temple Speed but just fully naked wow wow it is exactly what I said the first thing I do leaving as much two things this way minute to count open up and adjusting to having fun with it if it was a fantastic sure the photographer was incredible that the production team was just incredible so I have a lot of fun and I really did enjoy it it is everything in your like I’ve never had any makeup on my butt before right but I didn’t also know I needed that
Comments from Greg Norman, Adam Rippon, Saquon Barkley on ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’, featuring some of today’s most elite athletes and how awkward it was to shoot.

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