Authorities in deciding how to rescue soccer team from flooded cave in Thailand

Penn’s Cave rescue and the new headline tonight so I’m saying it could be months to get those boys out safely that stunning image the 12 boys and their soccer coach found alive perched on a Ledge deep underground and now the treacherous rescue teams around the world plotting a way to get the boys out and see James Longman is there the pressure is on rain forecast this week the real test will be getting them out safely this new video showing the boys wrapped in my towel blankets up to eating a meal grateful for that rescue is up to 10 days of darkness 216 all rail-thin including adults have been evaluated good condition these are the kinds of military rations assuming it’s okay to give to the boys things are protein-rich full of nutrients to build up that strength so that they can get out but also things that they can swallow because they’ve been so long without food about Brown teams are working to find a way to bring them home none of the options is easy one pan teaching the boys who may not know how to swim to scuba dive what is 15 a month gone this boy possibly testing equipment they would use in a water rescue and his what they face the cave complex in the mountains of Northern Thailand is about 6 miles long the boys and that coach I hear a half-mile on the ground and a little label 1 mile from the cave entrance according to the British diving team who found them to get that divers had to navigate a maze of cabins and passageways done with enough room to see completely submerged Valley wide enough for scuba equipment to squeeze through a treacherous Journey that could take even the most experienced divers 6 hours huge break down Hills and then the diving starts until the season passes to the longer they remain on the ground the harder it will be for them to readjust to life on the surface they’re anxious parents already imagining that return his mother saying she can’t wait to cook her son his favorite food at traditional Thai on it and James Longman is outside that cable tonight in jeans we just heard you report fake could be in there for weeks or months and out teams are working to set up a line of communication to those trap boys putting down a phone line all the way into that cave and the phone company told us originally they didn’t have a cord long enough but now they’ve managed to splice it so it is long enough but still no word on when those boys are going to be able to speak to that parents James long when first night James thank you hi everyone thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Officials say it could be “weeks or months” before the group is rescued from the narrow passages.

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