Who are the top nominees to replace Justice Kennedy?

the president said that he will be releasing his nomination for Supreme Court Justice on July 9th whoever replaces Justice Kennedy will have a tremendous amount of power and impacting the nation’s... Read more »

Trump protestors cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York city – Daily Mail

I’m hereIn a pair of tweets at around 7am, the president said he had ‘watched’ ICE ‘liberate’ entire towns from gangs and said they were responsible for ‘eradicating the worst criminal elements’... Read more »

Second wildfire grows in Winter Hill, Greater Manchester – Daily Mail

A second wildfirespread on Winter Hill near Rivington in Greater Manchester, just over 30 miles from the fire on Saddleworth moor. The fire quickly grew in size, sending huge plumes of smoke... Read more »

West Yorkshire Police release a statement following car crash in Leeds – Daily Mail

between 8 step Leon grateful it’s really on which is probably Malone in the direction of weight would and a head-on collision with a silver color number of people carrier police responded... Read more »

Donald Trump arrives at his golf course in Scotland in 2016 – Daily Mail

Donald Trump ChicagoDonald Trump will have a free weekend before heading to Helsinki to see Russian president Vladimir Putin. Officials in Scotland believe that the American president is likely to head to... Read more »

Orphaned bear cub rescued from wildfires with burns on her paws – Daily Mail

so is cotton from between it was just a kind of question the Tousley don’t get stuck together while she’s wearing these bandages just makes a little more comfortable for her gauze... Read more »

Rev Al Sharpton says Trump’s immigration policy is ‘sinful’ – Daily Mail

the history evangelico who’s wrongIn a pair of tweets at around 7am, the president said he had ‘watched’ ICE ‘liberate’ entire towns from gangs and said they were responsible for ‘eradicating the... Read more »

Clever hen manages to open door to a home – Daily Mail

A chicken took flight long enough to land on the latch to a glass door and make her way inside of a home in Forche, Italy, to collect chicken feed that was... Read more »

Immigration Activist Diane Guerrero Separated From Family: ‘It Is Forever’ | NBC News

I sure my struggle to help open eyes to the agony that every one of these kids will face forever for life even some 17 year Slater I still remember how it... Read more »

Protesters fight immigration policy outside White House

are going faster and faster now jumping no good reason why I couldn’t come by and let it happen gear I couldn’t follow orders choose a job more people join you know... Read more »