WATCH LIVE: The National for Sunday July 22, 2018

on the Sunday night adarian traumatic rescue the Syrian border how can it help to coordinate an international mission who are the Syrian civilians known as the white helmet and why did... Read more »

Democrats seek details on Trump and Putin’s one-on-one

what really happened in Helsinki on Russia for the president’s National Security team to testify to press Putin to extradite those 12 Senate Foreign Relations Committee actual US policy after this look... Read more »

Love Island’s Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dare enjoy game of mini golf – Daily Mail

Love Island Australia stars Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dare enjoy a game of mini golf during a date night. Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail... Read more »

Meet the first mule to win the British dressage competition – Daily Mail

this is Wallace the grace he is an eleven-year-old knew he was rescued from the island where he was a bit of a wonder if you like and he still eat the... Read more »

‘The Liberal Sherpa’: The rise of ‘theybies’

having a baby used to be a straightforward proposition you could have a boy or you could have a girl but now there’s a third option it’s called steep civilization decline a... Read more »

Bill Browder: Vladimir Putin is obsessed with me

the Senate voted unanimously on a non-binding resolution to oppose giving Russia access to us officials Vladimir Putin making the proposal and exchange ornaments made the suggestion doing that Helsinki news conference... Read more »

Tucker to Dem: Where’s evidence that Trump is a traitor?

the fall elections are less than four months from today temperatures will rise even higher than they are now that is guaranteed something awful could easily happen now right now is the... Read more »

Rep. Steve Scalise talks GOP plan to retain the House

working on their strategy to retain control of congress come November I meant talk of a blue wave in the upcoming the terms Louisiana Congressman Steve scalise, removing scene great economic growth... Read more »

Tomi Lahren: I love seeing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on TV

socialist Millennial Alexandria ocasio-cortez hitting the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders this week after shocking the political establishment and taking up Pelosi’s Protege but is she all Sizzle and no stay here’s... Read more »

Stelter: The media chooses their own Trump

Trump versus Trump one reason why there is such a stark divide in America such a disconnect between Trump’s True Believer in his actors is there always two narratives about what he’s... Read more »