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it’s considered one of the great natural wonders of the world it is a deeply sacred place for Australian indigenous a new people one of the oldest civilizations on Earth lularoe also known as as rock is sandstone monolith in the heart of Northern Territories read Center dates back more than 500 million years old visit the site every year for decades has been a bit around of the controversial practice of climbing the rock have you guys heard that yes I do and I understand that but going to do it anyway yeah there’s signs here at the base of the climb clearly saying please don’t climb it’s against traditional lower translated into six line still everyday we’ve been here this going to stay nice dream of climbing is indigenous communities of long campaign for the behavior which they consider deeply offencive to end I need the time for Tool King is over from November next year to climb will close I’m here Australia where I was born to find out why it’s taking so long and how the other new people feel about the multimillion-dollar tourism operation that’s being built around their Cypress size lularoe is state in ancient stories about the creation time do people believe that in the beginning the word was informed and feature list void ancestral being submerged and traveled across the land creating Living Spaces lularoe is the physical evidence of Feats performed during the creation. they woke this land for over 50,000 years the animal believe they have the direct descendants of the ancestral beings the creation to LaRue and symbol for the protection of these ancestral lands Pamela Taylor is one of the Rocks traditional Jonas painter and holder the ancient sacred stories that are enshrined in it trouble individual stories passed down orally as precious inheritance true families some shade with outside is like me in the hope that they will understand their significant Pamela’s family holds the story of Lanka a greedy and dishonest blue tongue lizard and says to being who came to Europe from the north and stole made from the EU and went back up to his cave making Maddie was flea like we like all that that was getting really angry all right and I’m at a little fire it went right up and then f****** has I’m stealing your punishment on a new life and Society is known as Chocobo a huge word that encompasses mean things it’s religion and culture but it’s also Laura with play punishments for breaking it explains Auntie Allison another Westin desert Elder everything’s everything stored privately through the elders lug offset down as a kid learning and listening with my elders so you can have that and pass I did to you your girls and through that process of listening to your elders hearing those stories do you get a sense of what’s right what’s wrong yes yes all that is totally what US the protocol what’s right and what’s wrong and how to behave had to respect other people over the boundaries of here everyday holiday we get told all that to respect other people’s country and to Copa these creation stories at the Anna news spiritual Compass they say the caves marks and rock formations only and breathe with them signature edition 11s Sammy Wilson’s family holds the story of Kunia the warm-up Hyson woman at lularoe that me tells me that she thought lyrics poisonous snake here it’ll LaRue and signs of that ferocious battle all around this waterfall read for 11 year old going to Uluru and into the caves where there a rock are tens of thousands of years old is a deeply spiritual experience I sent like my Nana was right beside me and my grandpa my great-great-grandpa and I felt sad because it was so very long time ago when he passed when he did that painting in the Rock because when you step on that rock yo I’m going to get sick because you’re stepping on your call janiel I’m dreaming hundreds of thousands of tourists Around The World of Dance supposed to be like that when the first known white Australian explorers came to the area in 1873 the names the rock is Rock after the premiere South Estrella Henry is Australia with his wife and parts from England in 1840 he gained wealth and power through mining before entering politics take three decades in Palmetto exercise significant influence of the shaping of modern Australia increasing numbers of known indigenous Australians were flocking to Ayers Rock Legends and cinnamon and Anna new people were displaced turn off of my parents parents if you have to come out here and then climbing Australians like to conquer things and I think that’s probably one of the reasons but it’s not just the Europeans a lot of people from formation particular I need to the base of the rock have come to do it before it closes so it’s been my dream and we’ll finally made it Aboriginal people don’t want people to climb yes I do and I understand that but going to do it anyways because this will be the last chance to get off next year and text you I’ll be too old at all kind of uneasy about that is like a sacred site for them like climbing Notre dumb or a secret Church I think we need to work with them and a certain period of I yam that’s why might she or something like that I came here with some girlfriends people don’t like it they feel like it’s trampling on one of their sacred sites did you not feel a little better and I’m glad that I climbed it I had the opportunity but our respect water that won’t pay for the climate because it’s very safe and very important to them but when you were calling me you didn’t feel that I did give me that did but the experience working to get the full experience of the rock or I suppose push that aside to how do I get the get the ever roll experient it wasn’t until 1985 on a new people after being recognized as traditional owners were presented with the Freehold to date for the Uluru National Park area in 2011 the indigenous land can support the ASRock resort with a promise to employee and train Aboriginal people to jobs in the tourism sector the natural beauty of this area visiting each bringing hundreds of millions of dollars into the Australian economy the threat of losing the tourist dollars they push for the climb to be close with enormous pressure the indigenous you said it felt like a gun was holding your hand Rio Grande by Sublime people including eight on the new Elders decided to shot the climb down last year was just so excited the decision to be made again that there are many people who do want to climb and that’s why you have to leave timings of two years for the decision to be in Plymouth again the time things the right way there’s been a lot of consultation in the Truth Ministries fully supportive of the decision to try and get some of those visitors Steven land through their eyes runaway Bob plugged up the people who have died attempting to climb Uluru we are hi to people it’s equipment of you playing I have enough today once you explained it that why people are horrified and I realize but if you decide to calculate significant and it’s really important to the pitch noise that doesn’t rain tonight when we actually explain what you’ve done is sacrilege side I really taking it back and it does I understand the date Pamela who’s planning to climb all over you in the morning catches up with me at a different part of the Rock and she’s very keen to talk again or true reason for climbing is my because I’m just 1072 replacement knees I don’t want to see if I can challenge myself to get as far as I can the ego it’s definitely a go 200 years since the British Invasion Australian Remains the only Commonwealth country to have never signed a treaty with its indigenous people last year around 3 100 indigenous leaders came together at lularoe demanding will legal and political recognition and power as the first nation people of Australia it is important to us Panda and governments and them and people should respect and recognize that that we are the first people of the land and I’ll look for my black government they are the teachers we have doctors and lawyers and anthropologists and nurses and everything in their system in a customary system I grew up on an away land in armidale in an area European settlers called New England School climate and Rolling Hills it reminded them of home look for him but my family on my father’s side remarks the first settlers to come from Europe to south Australia funny story I realized I had a much closer connection to Uluru ASRock than I had realized ignorant about side as they gave the rock the name is rough after my great-great-great Uncle Henry is he was a senior politician in Australia at the time the connection I’ve only recently realized and I’m not sure how I feel about it I spent the day thinking about this connection of the years living away from Australia this trip has made me realize I dislocated known indigenous Australians are to the store face of the land we live in I told Sammy that Henry is is my great great great great uncle the person that the first white person to come here named this it’s something I feel a little bit uncomfortable. So do you want to say sorry for the disrespectful way and brutal way that families like mine treated Aboriginal people in the past his reaction surprises me is excited because he says his great-great-grandfather Metz Explorer William Goss Monday 3 it was weird that they came up with that name is rock that they wanted to cool it down noon I tell Allison what’s with pause this past in the beginning but now we are looking at going forward and teaching non-indigenous people to respect the net and develop their understanding and that trust a bad what happened rather than living in the past so they all about coming together interacting you’re not showing the day I speak 5 languages and English it’s my face with Allison’s language she went to the bridge between the elders the government and the tourism operators today is dancing in a Nema come ceremony for visitors who is he African cultural festival called jungle on stage is Tilly old female school girls drumming group at where May it’s an event that showcases indigenous culture from across the Stray Leah from mixed audience renowned Australian indigenous country music singer got the daily is a regular performer here what does it brings people from the outside and help Sam oosterman some cultural things down there to see in Sydney like white people should all come here and carry bit of the spirit home touch it forever deyanira LaRue and take me to that that feeling with you it’s it’s not hard to feel that it’s a great place and then a new way of Stories being told is revealed indigenous Australian fashion brands using material with the paintings that tell the ancient stories of the creation time led by Australian leading indigenous model things like that but I think it’s really great that now it’s paying and putting some fashion it also has one behind it there’s a story behind it it’s not just you know it’s special the Allison who helped organize this Festival says she wants to see more of this kind of Tourism at lularoe the sharing of stories rather than Conquering the rock I want the world to say that Australia to see culture is alive and well here today so I hope that when we went to the parks close they will be opportunities to sit down and talk more the sharing of aushadh Australian history in order to heal and create a new more inclusive modern narrative on this ancient land
Tourists from all over the world visit Uluru every year, but for decades there has been a dispute over the controversial practice of climbing the rock – which is a sacred place for Australia’s indigenous Anangu people. From the end of 2019 the chain that makes the climb possible will finally be removed. As the BBC’s Rebecca Henschke reports, it is a vital step for the Anangu people in reclaiming the rock

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