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to David it is hard on this day with everything that we’ve seen over the past 18 19 months do not look at Donald Trump I asked doing either subconsciously or maybe he’s just fumbling around like mr. Magoo but he is doing the very thing Vladimir Putin would want a western leader to do more than anything else and that is to undermine NATO he could not be doing Putin’s bidding more effectively if he were an active agent of Vladimir Putin and the KGB still for now I’m going to leave the that issue to Robert Mueller the special counsel let me ask you this what what does Vladimir Putin fear what is Vladimir Putin feared over the past 18 19 years more than anything else and a strong american-led Alliance in NATO that he feels has gone right up to Russia’s border has tried to draw an these newly emerging countries that were part of the Soviet Empire four countries that that bitterly resented tutelage and now have moved tornado for for security he resents it to some extent he hears it he fears that that same desire for something different will affect his own population it is a dream come true for Vladimir Putin have an American president arrived on the ground in Brussels and the first thing go to a breakfast and a rang the NATO secretary-general and talk about Germany are most important as a captive of Russia that mean it’s just insulting language it’s it’s it it’s 6 to humiliate the people that he’s that he’s dealing with I can only think that Putin sits back and Moscow then they said when we watch the american liberal International order collapsing and we think that’s good but we don’t really understand what you’re doing to yourself this being taken apart by we’re happy and I think that they are happy but it’ll people will look back historians will look back and wonder how on Earth was this instrument of American power and wealth undermine systemically by president who really had so little knowledge about foreign policy will look back at this moment and also wonder why more people we’re not asking aggressively and end not with corded words but aggressively asking what does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump but there is no other explanation to America’s most important most strategic most vital Alliance that it has on the entire the face of the Earth the only country this helps is Vladimir Putin’s Russia history will have a long list of questions it will have to be answered and that’s going to be among them and another question that’s going to be among them in so why was there such Silence from members of the United States Senate of the United States Congress about what is occurring right now in Burns you’re a man of the world former ambassador to Nato State Department employee tell us you are view your your concerns perhaps about what is happening when you look at what has happened a withdrawal PPP by this President virtually seeding the Pacific to the Chinese who are in Central America Latin America Africa the Middle East intent on becoming a bigger world power than they already virtually one foot out the door on naito the collapse of NATO after 70 years perhaps Could Happen give us your view your concerns about what is happening right now to our position in the world and the relative silences we just spoke of four members of the United States Senate about this Mike I think it’s clear now 18 months into this presidency that the president is abdicating American leadership in the following way he’s dismantling are alliances and downgrading and that’s been the power of base of the United States for 75 years he’s dismantled the trading system that brought us this unprecedented prosperity and is replacing it with nothing you just tearing down and I just been 3rd I just been in Europe what countries in the last couple of weeks the existential battle right now in Europe is between the democratic government small D democratic governments and these right anti Democratic caucus that have taken over the government of Hungary and Poland and they’re inside the government of Italy and the Europeans are convinced that Trump siding with the authoritarian figures because Trump has been praising them privately and publicly the authority ringleaders he’s gone after Angela Merkel and there is she is on the screen big-time a vicious Twitter attack designed to bring her down he’s been extremely critical of the West European Democracies you can imagine why the American president this way I think it’s a radical revolution if you add in leaving there and deal leaving the Paris climate change deal we had a power base as the most influential country in the world he only sees trade-in balances and doesn’t credit anything else so we’re at a critical moment we do need political leaders to speak out about this because I can’t believe that members of the Senate and House think this is all a good idea hey David you any sense Angela Merkel and the president going after her constantly continually you have any sense of the root of this clearly anger that he has to attend Angela Merkel the leader of Europe today at does he resent her strength does he resent her because she had a close relationship with Barack Obama and his predecessor Obama touched does discus he wrote the attitude torn people who were successful and prosperous the Germans are one of the world’s greatest economic success stories pissy pissy resent that but he has been going very directly at her with with political attacks saying that the German people are turning against her he’s doing a little bit of that this week with Theresa May the British prime minister in effect siding with Boris Johnson who just walked out of her cabinet unusual the sort of thing is but but a task such as the resentment of Germany that’s something that’s really undoing NATO cuz Jeremy is at the center of NATO and it’s a seems very deliberate cuz he over and over again to call Germany at captive of Russia is the most inflammatory language I can imagine Trump or watching is a much-needed your person than they useful Tycoon who vaulted to the top of the world the current version of trump sees himself as chief chief executive not of us arriving Enterprise but have one that has nearly better run into the ground wire predecessors rather than warmly embracing long-time Partners in Europe he presents them and their success he picks needless bites and tries to humiliate people that he feels his flight at him this quickly Trump is looking for new friends and investors it’s almost as if he’s ready to fold what he sees as a losing hand and draw a fresh set of cards one in this case bearing the faces of North Korea’s Kim jeong-hoon China G Pen and Russia’s Vladimir Putin and that is wow. Just matches exactly everything that we have seen in Trump’s personality since we first met him actually you to know know him and Anna Worley he comes from I just have been struck recently that this is not the the ability of art of the deal Donald Trump this is this is the guy who went through the night near bankruptcy and this is the art of the comeback Donald Trump he’s he’s got the scars he’s prickly and as I said it’s almost as if he’s all these new ones one of them is got a big to go to bladimir Putin face on it and it’s just it’s mighty weird to see in foot the Angela Merkel card down and reached for the stack for for food and I don’t get that does that help explain to Theresa May issue he does not have a particularly the healthy relationship careful about the about the metric or the couch but I do think that we see and Donald Trump an affinity for the big guy him and Kim Jong own as they’re walking past the Federal North Korean and American flags they think it is this there’s something similar in that these two you see that what he’s with Xi Jinping I’m sure we’ll see it with Vladimir Putin and keep saying again I respect I respect letter from the said about Boris Johnson the kind of rough tough unpredictable British politician that he’s a friend of mine Theresa May Angela Merkel are not one of the guys they’re not in this circle you regardless as friendly yeah that I am not that I wouldn’t be wouldn’t dare to head to us you very much for being on the show this morning will be very very helpful to talk to you again as this plays out coming up when it comes to the president’s trade War what’s another 200 billion dollars for the American workers bearing the brunt of it we’ll talk about the new tower of the White House is lying against China I’ll be right back round us to watch more for Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
The Morning Joe panel considers President Trump’s remarks about Germany being a captive of Russia and wonders what Vladimir Putin may have on Trump. The panel also discusses David Ignatius’ latest column.
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At NATO Summit, President Donald Trump Does What Vladimir Putin Wants Most | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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