Arrest made in investigation into deaths of babies

yeah that’s right I do know Hospital worker there has been accused of a monstrous crime murdering the babies in her Care Houston vehicle research today in the city of Chester near Liverpool the alleged murders happened in a hospital a short distance tonight some British tabloids or identifying the suspect as a twenty-eight-year-old healthcare worker who had been working with babies in the hospital since 2011 play is she accused up Thomas only said they suspect this woman is responsible for the murder of 8 babies and the attempted murder of another 6 they’ve not said how old the babies may have been killed or what add them to the suspect in particular now the lead detective today called this a highly complex and very sensitive investigation and the police dress that their work in this case is ongoing keep in mind the woman is accused of killing babies there are another 9 deaths also under investigation Rosemary about will the management at the hospital of Chester Hospital called year because they noticed a spike in deaths in the neonatal Care Unit specifically between June 2015 and June 2016 they knew something was wrong compared to 40 other health care networks across the UK hospital had the highest rate of deaths of newborns they’re already been an inquiry into that unusually high death rate and it found no definitive explanation that’s what led the police to be called in they’ve sent batted their investigation to focus on 17 babies who died another 15 who fell ill and needed Urgent Care all in 2015 and 2016 hard to imagine how difficult a day this must have been for them lawyers representing at the families of two of the babies who died released a statement today saying the death of any child is a tragedy but this is exacerbated in circumstances were questions remain unanswered what the police have underscored today is at the heart of this case there are number of families in mourning who just want answers about what happened to their newborn babies 2 or 3 years ago Rosemary thank you very much are chilling and perhaps for Toronto residence they may bring to mind another case from nearly 40 years ago focus of attention for a string of unusual newborn deaths at Toronto’s hospital for sick children who’s initially charged with for murders but a judge dismissed the case at a preliminary inquiry in recent years experts have suggested the death may have been caused buy a chemical compound used in IV line and some syringes at the time but that has not been proven those deaths are still being treated as unsolved murders
An arrest has been made by British police in their investigation into the deaths of 17 babies. A health-care professional has so far been accused murdering eight infants, and trying to kill another six children. Police are not yet revealing the woman’s name or what role she had at the hospital.

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