Are Republicans Finally Showing Sanity On President Trump’s Trade War? | The Last Word | MSNBC

here’s what Republican Senator Bob Corker said today about the Trump tariffs that worries me is the fact that I know that no one at the White House and articular what it is they’re hoping to accomplish I mean there’s numbers of senators who then over to talk with them they come back over not a single one of them has to my knowledge any idea where this is going that’s what concern learning tonight Sac International economics class is art tonight’s lecture austan goolsbee former chamber the Council of economic advisers for President Obama a professor now of Economics at the University of Chicago and Professor what does Donald Trump not understand about what he’s doing with these cherubs every single thing you understand in the government under President Obama for number of years I’ve been to a lot of presidential if something happened today that I have never seen in my life which is When Donald Trump was speaking about NATO and of course it bled into his death question about the economy he is only staff we’re looking at each other like you know we can’t believe what the president is saying I’ve never seen that before I think if you go down to Republicans in the Senate you may very well see some signs up in the window of their offices that they are being held against my will they just don’t want to that they don’t want to publicly bring the attacks from the you saw Senator Corker a person who who has been independent minded but he was punished for that he’s he’s leaving the Senate and he’s being driven out by the very forces that are leaving to this kind of crazy Fitness on tariffs on trade Wars with China with Canada with the European Union with we’re going to rip up NATO we’re going to ask Europe to spend more on defense as a share of GDP than we spend I just don’t get it I mean there’s no evidence he understands any of those when he used to say that he would raise to raise or lower change carbs in anyway because of course that’s section 232 was such an obscure loophole that had only to do with National Defense it was inconceivable that that could be applied to anything Donald Trump was saying and I just assumed that soon as the president would try to do something like that the Congress would come to life and they would use their jurisdiction in their power and strike this down and they’ve been very slow but we’ve see we’re seeing movement finally do you think the vote we saw in Senate today is the beginning of what will be a real separation between the president and at least Republican Senators on tariffs you know I hope so but what we’ve seen the administration is a kind of a dangerous disregard of of law you know in this case the Constitution can say that Congress is in charge of the terrorists and all precedent and lock Congress is in charge of the terrorists and the president and the administration get up and literally say that he wants to put tariffs on Canada because he feels that it’s a threat to National Security and it’s so obviously not legal under Section 232 and yet even if Congress does what they did today and say but that’s not what the law means how would you enforce it you know so I I hope to start seeing a little more independent little more check and balance coming from that side of the government that’s the system I think this was designed to do that but I’m not at all confident that the president would even respect what is congress’s which is to set those arrows and it’s it sure it’s obviously the president doesn’t understand that Americans pay the tariffs it is the American Consumer the American Business that buys the foreign product that ends up paying the it is really just a sales tax on Americans and it’s even worse than a sales tax on Americans because a whole bunch of all the things they’re going to put tariffs on and scores and scores those products are actually intermediate Goods that is to say things that are inputs into the manufactured other products so steel four examples used by auto manufacturer things that are important that that makes no economic sense thank you very much for joining us on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Democrats and many Republican senators voted for a symbolic rebuke of Donald Trump’s tariffs today—as Donald Trump complained about trade at the NATO summit in Europe. Lawrence discusses with former Obama economist Austan Goolsbee.
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Are Republicans Finally Showing Sanity On President Trump’s Trade War? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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