Antwon Rose’s mom breaks down in interview

Annie’s Pittsburg police officers charged with criminal homicide for shooting and killing an unarmed seventeen-year-old and fun Rose of riding a car which aspect of being involved in another shooting officer Michael rothfeld shot roses he tried to run away don’t even now for the first interview service charge Antoine smother Michelle Penny his sister Kyra Jameson and their attorneys actually married and Fred rabner thank you for taking the time to come in today there’s no amount of words obviously they can express our condolences there has been an outpouring of support for your family for your son tell us about Antoine first of all it’s almost time was lovely as hell will give you the shirt off his Antoine volunteers not because he had to go because he wanted to we were in extremely close threesome one of your at one of your oldest friends earlier this week if you grew up together nearby town and she said he was beautiful and he was so full of life and talk about the way he would help you with the ear using to sports he was also a writer prayer and it’s got a lot of attention for Sheridan I’m going to put up on the screen again and he talk specifically about you saying I’m not what you think I’m confused and afraid I wonder what path I will take I hear there two ways out I see mother’s bury their sons I want my mom to never feel that pain there have been far too many conversations with mothers in the wake of losing their sons and I know from friends of mine and from other people I’ve spoken with her to talk to you often have with your son how hard is it to have that talk with Aunt one that I talked all with her I just wanted him to know but I love them I never saw anything like this happening but I just always felt the need to tell him that I love them I don’t know why but I just always wanted both of my kids to know that I love them but I wanted Antoine to know that he was special and I’m really just wanted to stress the fact that there’s no love like a mother and a son I love my daughter I love my kids equally but that mother and son love Is Just unexplainable are sitting here with your mom holding her hand you’re such an important Rock for your mom there’s so much going on and we see these protests and I know that you would ask while you’re paying your respects and laying on her back for them. They have been persistent but they have been very peaceful people out there though they want to see Justice for your son and for your brother what’s it like Kyra when you see all of this happening on a daily basis sometimes overwhelmed because all these people are so so much love and support we would have never imagined it but we would have never imagined everybody just trying to help us appreciate it we do because we’re still going to our movements but we’re going to be out there right but don’t we promise that we just want Justice for my brother end of the day because my mom she lost her only son my daughter she lost her only her role model I lost my brother and my best friend he did not deserve that everybody passes judgement everybody has stuff to say but no one really knows though so it’s crazy because we have to sit back and we have to watch the protest fight or right now we have to grieve before we step out there I just was at when was there to see all of this not he didn’t he didn’t live for fame and fortune or any of that if you read his letter and you read his phone you noticed I’m very concerned with his family but I always don’t answer on how much I love them but I wish he could see how much the people around have loved him he mentioned Justice Kyra and that you want Justice and I know you do to Michelle what does that mean for you I have to turn that one over to the attorney’s to answer that question because that’s illegal questioning right now I can only deal with how I feel as a mom I can’t see past having to bury my son one second at a time not pregnant whenever no one ever after me has to feel this way no one right now I filled out that he’s not coming back with pictures memories I’m glad we did but I have no words the words I mean for me I buried my only son I bury my baby a lot of people can understand that I can understand that something we talked about Jess if she said that’s more of a legal question for you right now Lee what what is justice appreciate all but an actual indictment and actual prosecution that results in a conviction and appropriate sentencing so a lot of this and a lot of these cases that we walked through over the years we see the initial charges pacifies protesters in the community about it doesn’t result in a conviction it is very difficult anywhere in the country to get the conviction of a law enforcement officers police officers because of the nature of their their profession they’re giving autumn credibility even when they engaged to some of the most heinous behavior until seeing this to sue a conviction is going to take continuous resolve I continue investment from the community and commit it from the prosecutor is involved Travis County Attorney General in this case stuff downstairs part of what he had to say following the charges what about the result that he was looking he was looking to accomplish he’s not acting to prevent death or serious bodily injury should be handled at the state AG by the doj this family immediately afterwards and explain how you view the case innocent one in line with how we view the case however as a practice and throughout his tenure he’s never successfully commit to the law enforcement officer and the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing expecting results and so we are considering asking the Attorney General to step in who’s who’s made the offer and images of all even said that he would be open to that are we appreciate his skill is acumen his commitment but we don’t we don’t necessarily have the confidence that that office is capable of successfully prosecuted because of there an inherent Vice would like for him to see the support this out there let us know a little bit more that out who the special young man was in his room and he would draw because he had to nothing in particular Antoine was a talented musician that’s when was intelligent that we had an IQ of 120 Antoine flip flop plane wanting to be a chemical engineer and wanting to be a lawyer and I would always tell him that we either way it goes we’re going to do something great if you become a chemical engineer you’re going to design something right you’re going to create something great becoming aware you’re going to have the biggest probably the biggest case your life I never knew that Antoine be the would be the victim only only only case of his life I really thought that if he became a lawyer he would change the world hopefully through this tragedy though he does change the world I will continue to follow them thank you thank you so much
The mother and family members of Antwon Rose, the unarmed teen who was fatally shot by police near Pittsburgh, speaks to CNN about Rose’s death.

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