Anthony Scaramucci says Michael Cohen is still loyal to Trump

it is a big week for president Trump he’s deciding on a supreme court nominee is gearing up for a summit with Vladimir Putin and he’s taking a lot of criticism from democrats for separating families at the border we have former White House communications director scaramucci close to the president understand his thinking and the policy plays good to have you especially on a week where no one is around it seems Anthony happy Fourth of July understand a couple of things here first of Michael Cohen situation what do you think’s going on with colon talking to the media and putting out these none too subtle hints that he will take care of himself what was the night I see hold it differently and I did talk to Michael this morning cuz I wanted to get some clarification from him and I knew I was coming on your show and so let’s go over the different layers and what he says on the first layer but him saying that he’s loyal to his face and this country is not incongruous with him also being loyal to the president who happens to still be a close friend of Michael Collins and so I think there’s a little bit of an exaggeration going on in the media right now where that’s a warning shot indication and all that other stuff I think that’s very consistent second layer has to do with the FBI Michael said right after the raid I think he tweeted it out that he was treated well by the FBI and they were very very professional drag him and so again people are saying that that’s against the present I actually don’t think so the president’s been very clear that there’s a very thin layer of people inside the FBI that he feels weaponize that agency but he really loves the rank-and-file and he loves law enforcement at spot in the United States but I’d go with you that I don’t think that that’s what’s playing here it seems that Colin is taking opportunity to speak to the media that seem very purposeful well I think I think I think again I think I think Jeff made mention of the earlier dude do you talk to the media or not talk to the media when your under the potential of Investigation most words would say no but I think in this case I think Kohl’s trying to Signal the people that really doesn’t feel that he did anything wrong and he’s trying to Signal the people frankly that he’s not a villain in the case and so it’s 12 and 1/2 Weeks Chris since that radon family let’s see what happens or when Paul manafort had his problem I think it was eight or nine weeks later they rendered an indictment and so I think once we know what that indictment is then you and I can sit down speculation especially with all these reports of friends of his who say he might we don’t understand the case so we’ll hold on this one until we get sent a 10 and 12 year 12 year very close first Adam-12 you’re very close relationship with other than mr. Trump I think the threshold standard hear the right one quote flipping is very high and left when I want to make is if the president do anything wrong and I take the there’s nothing to flip over Chris well that we don’t know and certainly he’s allowed Michael Cohen to feel very isolated and underfunded for his own defense those were calculations we’ll see how they come back when they ask you why don’t I don’t I don’t like that I don’t like that that I agree with you on that I don’t like to deny the request to lower the flags for the victims of the Capital Gazette newspaper why do that I’m not I’m not sure what the protocol standard the military and when the flags get lowered when there’s no yes I certainly would have done it it just seems like when the stuff goes straight up to the president it gets done properly and so my question would be the people inside the White House’s the president know that because he’s a very compassionate guy he switch the policy on the separation of the children once he got his arms around you got the policy of the separation of children started under the George W Bush Administration it was partially prosecuted during the Obama today read my iPad Today USA Today it’s very declarative it explains exactly how it got started and you got to give him credit for reversing let’s let’s let’s stipulate that he did promulgated I’ll give him credit for recognizing that he was wrong and making it never said it was wrong I think it’s very good of the president well he said it by his actions didn’t hear the first policies situation like this with a leader does what an adult does manual okay we’re still separated he he he he he he changed it and we’ve got to put the fam back together the first lady’s been down to the Border twice I agree with you that it’s a problem I agree with you that it was the wrong policy what will drive people’s votes he had Higher Ground on this with enforcement then he crushed those kids I agree I agree with that and I I think he’s going to fix it as a long time as you know you’re from political family there’s a long time ago here between now and November and so again you may move and even Trump had one back off you didn’t apologize like a normal leader would but he had to back off as surprising as it as it’s surprising is it might be to your viewers you and I are actually agreeing on this you’re just agreeing with me and want to get the guy any credit switching the policy and I don’t know when you started it doesn’t work like that in terms of accountability but Anthony you know what does count you coming on 4th of July week even though you’re about five steps in my house right now in Southampton enjoy it go stop over there my wife will give you some zucchini
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says he spoke with Michael Cohen, and his comments about being loyal to his family are not inconsistent with also being loyal to President Trump.

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