Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement Puts New Pressure On Fall Elections | NBC Nightly News

within an hour of the announcement the National Association for abortion rights posted a message rovy Wade was in danger I think if the Trump Administration gets their way and Rams this Justice through by any means necessary when and will suffer will evangelicals who have been advocating against abortion since the controversial ruling was made more than 40 years ago she the first wheel opening for their cause and a long time very big day my bike we would think it’s a historic day for the culture of life for people who feel strongly about issues like abortion same-sex marriage affirmative-action just to name a few today’s news is nothing short of a tectonic shift which is one man one woman married and it is being greeted with Jubilation on one hand and outright fearon the other this puts the lgbtq community and in square shot of having a lot of our rights rolled back well the legal defense fund a branch of the NAACP took to Twitter predicting that a solidly conservative Court would have an enormous impact on civil rights and undermine progress made toward greater racial Justice and equality tonight some Supreme Court expert you’re calling Kennedy’s retirement the ultimate rally cry in the cry as well on both side Stephanie gosk NBC News New York subscribe I clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching

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