Anthony Kennedy Is Out, Donald Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Picks Are In | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

who could replace Justice Kennedy hear the president’s office yesterday he pointed to this list of 25 names are reporting has narrowed it down to a short list and I want to show you some of these names including Brett Cavanaugh Maryland Thomas Hardiman Pennsylvania Amy Coney Barrett Raymond Catholic who who won these names stand out or will you make that list at this point FrontRunner Basin snow report able and extremely conservative candidates all of whom are highly qualified and all of them would move the court in a conservative Direction there differences among the conservatives a judge Hardiman who is the runner-up for the seat for you has a background he went to Georgetown he drove a cab he hasn’t he seems to be working folks Brett Kavanaugh a few months ago to help persuade Kennedy to retire extremely able very bright but has written a bunch of very conservative opinions on the DC circuit questioning the Court’s decision not to hear an assault weapons ban in right and so forth the real question is how will they move the court some of them are more Pro defendant than others and some are more Pro executive than others weather this is a conservative in the model of Justice Gorsuch who is more in favor of the states rights but the bottom line is will have to be a truly political fight thank you for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe it’s really easy just click on that button down there and for more news from MSNBC click on any of these interviews and highlights you can get more videos their newsletters head over to newsletters to sign up
Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center, weighs in on the shortlist of President Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks replacing newly retired Justice Kennedy: “You have to give the White House credit for creating a list of extremely qualified and extremely conservative candidates,” adding, “Bottom line is, since all of them are so well qualified it’s going to be hard for Democrats to say they don’t deserve a seat on those grounds… it’s going to have to be a purely political fight”.
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Anthony Kennedy Is Out, Donald Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Picks Are In | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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