Annapolis shooting suspect damaged fingertips to hinder identification, source says

just to recap what we know so far there was a shooter that enter that building this afternoon open fire with a shotgun he shot through a glass window or door and I say he because we know he’s a man we know he’s in his twenties he is white we know he’s currently being interrogated by detectives but he’s not getting his name he’s not cooperating and he has no ID on him police have just said that in addition to the five people who can kill there are an estimated 3 who been hurt they’ve been taken to Area Hospital we have also learned that a potential explosive device which was on the scene has been taken care of has been neutralized CBS news also learned that there fake grenades at the scene flashbangs that emits smoke create confusion those were also recovered at the scene they were multiple layers of law enforcement who been there throughout the day local Federal County State Police they’re working to try to put the pieces together sitting to my left is Paul biolo to the CBS News security analyst Paul as we were watching this press briefing you said several times this doesn’t make sense science because when we start looking at as information the information we have on this particular individual the shooting where it occurred when it occurred the fact that he’s white male in his twenties the fact that he’s now trying to withhold his information from Lauren forcement but yet now we understand that he’s trying to not disclose resend something to prevent them from obtaining you were mentioning learned from our investigative team here at CBS news is that the suspect damaged his fingertips so law enforcement cannot identify him so these are Extreme Measures that he took his to hide his this is the part that doesn’t make sense because when we have is limited information we start breaking down what we have and clearly this is not this does not sound like a workplace violence incident from a former employee or a current employer because of workplace violence in San is going to occur from net from a shooter that’s going to have an axe to grind is going to have some type of disdained towards the workplace whether its current or whether it’s warmer there not and I have never been doing this now having some splicing in that since the mid-eighties I have never once seen that happen to workplace violence offender wants to get a point across his looking for specific individuals seeks them out in order to send a message has told people what he was going to before he was going to do it at 2 he was going to do it too so just the opposite he’s not at that point looking to hide his identity he wants people to know who he is because he wants to get a message across
The suspect in a deadly shooting at a newspaper office in Maryland damaged his fingertips so they couldn’t be used to identify him, according to a law enforcement source. Authorities said five people were killed in the shooting. CBS News security analyst Paul Viollis joins CBSN with more.

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