Annapolis newspaper shooting: Police officer gives update – BBC News

yeah it this point though we have no new information from when we first arrived on scene but I can tell you what I couldn’t confirm is around 2:40 we were called to 888 Bestgate Road Annapolis Road report of an active shooter inside a building once we arrived our officers very quickly secured that building we still continue now to get people outside of that building get them to safety so we’re in evacuation mode right now so we’re trying to secure the building the best we can once that building secure once were one percent that that building is secure that’s when we will be able to provide some more information with the extent of injuries and information on the suspect so at this point I can confirm that we do have injuries we did have an active shooter situation inside that building a date Bestgate Road Annapolis the extent of those injuries to that point at this point but we don’t expect this even though it’s very early on to be a very major casualties
Lt Ryan Frashure gives an update on the police operation at Capital Gazette newspaper, Maryland, where there have been reports of a shooting.

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