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something is brewing in Bavaria and it’s not just beer it comes moccasin the regional prime minister Define Open Door Refugee policy the local elections until October but campaigning is well on the way officially the where is CSU and Angela merkel’s Christian democrats are allies this partnership in the back part of post-war German politics but now under pressure from the Nationalist are pre-party the Bavarian at taking a stand of migration Behavior a split Loom that could bring down muckle’s government and throw Europe into disarray the issue is the board the Dublin regulation state with migrants must seek refuge in that first photo entry into the EU and even weatherall police checked like a base Crossing on the Austrian Frontier Germany does not enforce the rules refugees and become the issue in European politics doesn’t want them and Germany went turn them away until now I’m going to mackle’s Bavarian political allies and basically giving her until Sunday to come up with some kind of deal migration from the EU and if she doesn’t order the police to stop by former prime minister of Bavaria if your account secure its external border he says than Germany must protect its own Frontier it’s a direct Challenge from the CSU leadership to the chances of Thor how many Germans have lost trust in Angela Merkel only issue of refugees do you still trust her on that issue does conception or silver on them but I was it’s not been the same Minister Judy sistema I asked you if you had confidence in Angela Merkel on the handling of the refugee issue you didn’t say you did but here’s the Paradox the influx of 2015 is over Dark Souls 3 statue in central we got no information about this place it’s welcomed thousands of refugees with open arms Cafe Marina dumbest since she seen them all to change in people’s attitudes towards migrants many people from country style criminal or they are this and they are that of course the people think it but I don’t agree but I understand that people are scared sometimes when they when they see foreign do people feel like no one was listening to that concern yes policy has left a legacy her ability to stand firm on this issue was Testament to help once I’m challenge position at the top of German politics but times have changed Rite Aid the EU rules you should be sent back to Italy but for him like hundreds of thousands of others Miracles Germany has become a sort of Promised Land he says he’ll do anything to resist deportation I’m going to go back inside of this my minutes on my cell but I can do something that you know they would take me Germany situation that has helped Propel the anti-immigrant nativist after party into Parliament with their appeal to traditional German values they’ve been taking support away from the CSU in Bavaria Marcus plant is a bank return farmer who was once a solid CSU voucher now he’s running as a nasty candidate in the regional elections in October let’s put it this way this is all about Chancellor Merkel and this is also the other issue the CSU has currently they are supporting her although she has failed on any political issues main political issues for the last 12 years tell challenging her but I don’t believe that this is a real challenge I think it’s just Miley for let’s say campaign reasons if they can make this a big deal now and after the elections are over in Bavaria believe that they will not keep the promises fend off a challenge from the right at the CSU rally Marcus soda the regional prime minister speech is going down well that’s the most important save you from what there’s nothing wrong sing the deal with the EU could yet save the day but in the bed tent they say it’s too late for that to the song for Europe but it doesn’t have no followers German and European politics and allies does that turn out that time could see you be at the end
Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Bavaria where German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under fire over her refugee policy.

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