Andy Murray has ‘no idea’ how well he will do at Wimbledon – Daily Mail

obviously I would want to watch me playing where I’m physically capable of you know playing properly another level that you know I’d I be happy playing on not just going to keep playing for for you 3 years of you know I don’t feel like I can play and I’m in pain and I’m not enjoying it you know there’s no I’m saying that based on the hope that you know I’m not physically good and unhealthy and and all those things I mean if I have to start tomorrow because I still I still love playing enjoy enjoy washing and I enjoyed the traveling at Thursday nothing about you that I kind of would be looking forward to just getting off early so so yeah I want to keep playing this as long as I can providing I’m I’m physically pull up doing nothing I’m not in a lot of pain and discomfort you know one another Sports when you eat come back you don’t tend to come back and be competing against the best in the world immediately like four five sets or three sets whatever you build up a little bit and play 15 minutes 30 minutes and I’m so I’m so I’m just trying to right now just keep keep building pricing with these guys and then you know hopefully pulling up each day and obviously competing in the matches which went well what’s in the last couple of weeks and then Queens in Eastbourne and so far I hear that that’s also been being the case which is which is good I mean I don’t know I don’t know because how am I supposed to tell you how I’m going to feel apply for 4 hours in the first match up I can’t I can’t answer that question honestly I mean in terms of I wouldn’t expect to play worst tennis and I had the respect my level of tennis to improve the where it was attacked Denise pain because of the matches and again like I said getting to practice was with Bassett flares fair and how I do in the tournament results was no idea
When Andy Murray underwent surgery in January, fans feared he might never play again. But yesterday as the Scot confirmed he was fit to play, the world-renowned surgeon who rebuilt Murray’s hip spoke of his confidence that the British ace can secure another Wimbledon title.

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