Andy Burnham thanks firefighters for tackling Saddleworth Moor blaze – Daily Mail

my focus to focus too what’s the latest situation isn’t to see how close to the which is National I wanted to fight the firefighters they can doing a great job all weekend one of the things I take away from this visit this morning I think I need that multiple mostly hopefully ask for so Bishop Paul Blankenship Fire and Rescue service for the night challenging situation necessary results
Helicopters scooped up water from a reservoir today as the battle against wildfires in Britain continued. The water was picked up from Dove Stone Reservoir (centre and right) to help extinguish the fires on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester which have now been burning for a week during what is the UK’s longest heatwave since 1976. The large moorland blaze at Saddleworth last week came close to houses and led to the evacuation of up to 100 residents. It has been fought by 160 firefighters and 160 soldiers, with seven square miles of moorland affected. Helicopters are also being used to help fight a separate wildfire at Winter Hill (left, pictured on Saturday), near Bolton, with drone owners told to stop flying their devices over the enormous area of moorland to avoid a potential collision with the aircraft.

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