American Consumers May Soon Feel Impact Of Escalating U.S.-China Trade War | NBC Nightly News

from the grocery aisle to the hardware store to your next Oil Change America’s trade War carries the risk of inflicting real economic damage and costing Americans real-money the administration is put anywhere from a 10% to a twin 5% tariff on Chinese Goods coming into the United States it’s likely that at least some of that cost increase will be passed along to Consumers the list of items included in a billion dollars call on the outside doors windows and air conditioning units that are made in China here in the kitchen made-in-china utensils and appliances like stoves and refrigerators are being targeted and food to including some vegetables and Seafood everyday items like shampoo nail clippers makeup and towels throughout the house TV’s Lance fire and burglar alarms to come from China could also cost more China China is already retaliating with its own terrorists among those targeted American farmers who sell to China Chris Caster exports 20% of his soybean prices are falling I can maybe have stop farming but I don’t think that it’ll get that bad and I really hope that it doesn’t the president we do this morning I’m fighting for a Level Playing Field for our farmers and will win tonight there’s growing bipartisan concerned about the cost of an escalating War Tom Costello NBC News Rockville Maryland Channel subscribe highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Tariff threats on $200 billion in Chinese goods would hit close to home, impacting many household products, like appliances or televisions.
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American Consumers May Soon Feel Impact Of Escalating U.S.-China Trade War | NBC Nightly News

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