Aly Wagner talks about being the first woman to call a men’s World Cup

Aly Wagner is the first ever woman to be an announcer for a men’s World Cup on u.s. television I spoke to Alley by a Skype from the Fox Sports studios in La about what the experience been like for her so far Cup game you feel like there’s been more pressure on you to perform in a certain way coming into this there’s a ton of pressure but it’s not because it’s because realized that it doesn’t change for this world cup has seen women being criticized for the pitch of their voice and also has seen female journalist being harassed groped on camera change to stop that kind of thing from happening respect how do you deal with the troll to have been criticizing your expertise or just coming up with all of those sort of trips that you hear is a woman about sounding wrong say no more it’s it’s almost humor I’ve carried triplets gone into preterm labor at rolls on the bed is woman’s voice in the first one of the first matches I was watching I was like who is it oh my God who is it and it made me realize that I hadn’t heard that before changing the Norms of our expectations of what we have you ever been tempted when you have been calling a game to do one of those really over-the-top gold would like 50 of those goodbye my partner there grey would probably kick me out of the booth when we came in they are so loaded and you often see teams that Peak early England friends since they have counter to my point I think they’re Dark Horse I hope so cuz my parents are British and this means a lot to my dad so I will tell him you said that you know all fingers crossed we’ll see
Aly Wagner is the first woman announcer for a men’s World Cup in US television history. She talked to Washington Post pop culture host Hannah Jewell about what the experience has been like so far. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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