All the ways you can hack an election

from Washington DC with a look at axios they in the co-founder of access my calendar my great to have you with I understand if they morning what is Axis is one big thing for us is all the ways to hack an election so Americans vote in of course 50 separate run elections every single one of them has potential points of failure think about it voter registration Booth when you go to fill out the form and once they collect all the data voter tabulation once you voted in send it in voting machines which sometimes come from third-party vendors so their security problems become the security problems of the American democracy and of course you have also problems at the pole the poll books sometimes online sometimes on paper what we learn from looking at this list which is just popped up on is it as we look ahead to November we think about the fact that intelligence agencies have told us there are already intrusions in the midterm elections that this is a huge fix and you think about the respect that there’s some states don’t even have a paper trail for their balance so basically what you’re saying is on the eve of Independence Day when we should be the most confident about our country for feeling very vulnerable about those very same elections come November what are you learning about some of these are once again at this Crossroads but when you put it that way yes no question in this is a place that America is far behind intelligence agencies have been warning us that people are banging outside forces banging on these election looking for ways to get into the states no but in 2016 and at least 18 states there were efforts to infiltrate those watch until we think that those probably weren’t successful but we’re seeing is addition to the well-known efforts to affect watching environment and affect our social feeds also physical building now is very much in danger for a moment and talk about internal a democratic politics for a moment the Blue Wave out within the Democrats Zone the impact the candidate they put forth in the 2020 presidential race has been getting a lot of attention in the wake of the victory here in New York by Ricardo Cortez for them the bad news for them and the reason that Democrats are more worried than they were before is this Progressive Blue Wave that you see right there from axios Visual and what we’re seeing is that the win of the democratic party are fighting each other instead of just focusing on Republican so that amazing interview that we saw with Connor lamb here on Morning Joe after his victory in a Democratic primary Democrats have to win is to have moderate but now we’re seeing this Progressive a wave and including instincts where a democratic legislators beaten in primaries from the left and a couple of dozen cases so can Democrats focus on Republicans can they figure out a way to keep these two wings of the party from swapping each other Mike Allen thank you very much for the movie reading access them in just a bit into all of our viewers out there you too can sign up for the newsletter by going to sign up. you’re putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Axios’ Mike Allen joins First Look to discuss Tuesday’s 1BigThing.

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