Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28-year-old from the Bronx, defeats Rep. Joseph Crowley in N.Y.’s 14th

in a major upset twenty-eight-year-old Alexandria ocasio-cortez won the Democratic Primary in New York’s 14th congressional district the first time political candidate beat longtime incumbent and house Democratic caucus chair Joe Crowley by double-digits here is Nancy Court is Alexandria ocasio-cortez is still true to make sense of her come from nowhere when we spoke to communities who has been considered an Heir Apparent to leader Nancy Pelosi and organizing for Bernie Sanders I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family a Democratic Socialist carefully parted ways with her today on her support for Medicare for all support health care for all needs reform Republicans meanwhile upset perhaps but I don’t accept any characterization of our party to lose so far this year compared to Seth in the GOP coming from the far left with limited political experience with just a Grassroots campaign and far less in her campaign coppers than Crowley did she manage to get out her message so effectively well I think it shows that not the only piece of the puzzle hear clearly she pounded the pavement she went into these neighborhoods she using her background as a Grassroots activists managed to gather a large group of supporters I did the same for her and as she cleanse went into some pockets of these neighborhoods that I really haven’t gotten much of a visit from political candidates in the past and perhaps were overlooked by Joe Crowley the longtime incumbent to after all hadn’t even had a primary Challenger since 2004 and may have been slow to realize that she was nipping at his heels this time around beyond that what she argues Tanya is that she Simply Better reflected the makeup of this District now it is 70% minority she focused on that in her campaign she talked about these be working-class minority of residents who agree with her about Medicare for all who agree with her about tuition-free public universities essentially modeling her platform after Bernie Sanders platform in a lot of ways that may not play well in every congressional district but it certainly certainly played well in this portion of the Bronx and queens sure and her opponent as you mentioned 10-term congressman Crowley what’s considered the future of the democratic party in many ways so what implications does her Victory have for the Democratic party huge implications for the party leadership structure you know three people who are at the top of the party in the house are 77 78 and 79 years old so at 56 Crowley was something of a spring chicken and really bridged The Divide queen of Vesperia entrenched very experienced leadership team and a lot of the younger members who were coming up and looking for a seat at the table so if he was really someone who had the experience to her one of those leadership roles in the near future but at the same time wasn’t an immediate threat to Nancy Pelosi was someone who was an ally of Pelosi’s he wasn’t looking to knock her off he was simply biding his time consolidating support among Democrats if she were to falter after the next election because you know many opponents in this primary season including Democratic leader in in January in this coming January open up his leadership position jockeying has already begun for his role as the house Democratic caucus but it also creates an opening for Democrats of all Stripes to take on that mantle of air apparent to Nancy Pelosi it’s really unclear who that person it is at this point there’s a number of contenders but who’s going to emerge as the person who could really take on her role and possibly take her on directly that’s unclear at this point absolutely endorsed by President Trump stop Landslide Victory is so is this an indication of Republican loyalty to president Trump credit primaries in New York for instance where it was absolutely an advantage to being incumbent and they were able to fend off their Democratic Challenger is we’ve seen on the Republican side Republicans who have been critical of Donald have gone down this primary season Republicans who have been in lockstep with Donald Trump have gone down this primary season so it’s hard to draw sweeping conclusions from One race here there are a couple things I think we can say number one it is a great and enticing year to be an outsider certainly getting more of a look from from voters that you might have in the past even if you don’t have as much money as the number to it is a great year to be a woman no matter where you fall on the political Spectrum so far in 2018 152 women have one their house primaries and that’s nearly as many women as the number who won in all of the primaries in 2016 and we’re still only about halfway through the primary season that is certainly a way of that for sure so Nancy does this foreshadow the upcoming midterm elections well I think it is a reminder that there is still something of a struggle in the Democratic party between this Bernie Sanders wing of the Paw a very liberal very Progressive and the more Centrist establishment wing of the party you’ve got one a very restive part of the base thing we really need to go after Donald Trump as hard as we can we should impeachment impeachment if we’re asked about it we are you know if we’re not going to get anywhere by doing the same old same old and then you’ve got other Democrats to say if if we’re going to win over in tendons in this election we need to to understand that that we have to temper what were what we’re arguing for and and a democratic socialism is not what those Independence are looking for it it sort of exactly the same day that we saw a play out over months and months between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election and I think clearly that Dynamic is here to stay you’re welcome

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