Alaska Plane Crash: ‘Incredible’ No One Was Killed, Coast Guard Says | NBC Nightly News

when rescue teams first spotted the wreckage The Battered seaplane had just collided into a remote Rocky Mountain all 11 aboard survive the pilot using his cell phone to call nine-one-one she says we just crashed a friend of ours has a gash on her face and she said she’s pretty scared right now after the plane smashed into the mountain by the time I got there she was still in shock it was pretty pretty experience the plane this single-engine sea otter was flying from Alaska Steamboat Bay to Ketchikan when it plugged into Mount jumbo on Prince of Wales Island one of the 11 survivors tells NBC News plane came out of the clouds and immediately hit the mountain there was no warning no time to prepare lieutenant-commander Joseph Plunkett was among the first to arrive at the wreckage cooperating with the NTSB questions for the pilot on The View people will never forget Miguel almaguer NBC News Channel subscribe button down here cedarview show highlight and digital exclusive thanks for watching
The battered seaplane collided into a remote, rocky mountain in Alaska on Tuesday, but all 11 aboard survived.
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Alaska Plane Crash: ‘Incredible’ No One Was Killed, Coast Guard Says | NBC Nightly News

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