After Being Separated At the Border, a Migrant Family Reunites | NYT News

in late May looting was separated from her children after being detained by US border patrol she’s going to see them for the first time for children are halfway across the country fancy momentos de Esperanza my imaginary they were one of the more than 2,000 families detained and separated under the Trump Administration Zero Tolerance immigration policy amazing man what are two children nine-year-old Carrie and seventeen-year-old Elmer after a criminal group repeatedly threatened to kill her son it all to mately became more than she could bear you can only guess I’ll be honest people who came after her husband Elmer senior the family asked us not to use their last name for fear of retaliation should they be forced back to Guatemala but for now she’s trying to stay in the US and has also filed an asylum claim her caseworker is helping to reunite her with their kids in Boston Super Sonic student children were transferred to a shelter in Michigan and later release to the custody of their father no it’s almost been on the boys having it done with you again and finally together again Louis Philippe
Ludin and her children, ages 9 and 17, were separated immediately after they crossed the border illegally into Texas. Sent to different parts of the country, they were kept apart for 40 days. We were there for their reunion.

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