AFN election wrap-up

I want to say to you I love you. We are the change no one has jurisdiction over my and my grandchildren and my family except me and my brother and my sister and that is how nationhood Begins by taking responsibility for ourselves and for our future you want to change Community sending your Nations not as some office in Ottawa this is basically controlled and funded by the federal government we need to change that and we always will rather than people drop and when we look forward we’re in advocacy Organization no question we’re not the government and the state of Canada without needing to share a life and take a selfie after I like selfies but not with him well I was invited to the Alberta change sprockets this morning and as I was leaving minister of Crowne indigenous relations Carolyn Bennett was entering and I was totally appalled to see that because I view that is directly to your parents in the electoral process it just shows you know what it’s come to that deliver party could be running this organization and that’s wrong that Federal Minister coming into our annual assembly and interfering with our boat by meeting with specific groups over this pipeline issue we need to stand together give government to interfere in our election they do not want to see change I said you should have been here results of the first ballot candidates none of them have reach the 60% threshold the results of the second ballet 3:28 and yes Land Resources coming back the First Nations people cuz we know it’s at ZoomTown Saugerties
The Assembly of First Nations re-elected Perry Bellegarde as national chief. We take a look back at what unfolded during the vote.

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