Adam Rippon on skating in the nude, pushing progress and what’s next

I want every single but I want like every like you want to it oh yeah you’ll get new perfect leave me so wake up don’t eat anything because I’m like I don’t I can’t afford crazy my day and so are you go in and you work with the makeup artist and she’s so kind and she’s like your I’m just going to see a lot of you today and I’m like I know what that is I guess the person getting photograph then the makeup artist sting your face which you know if you’ve ever done a photoshoot this is normal and neck and then she starts going down and then she does your legs everything in your like I’ve never had to make up my mind before but I didn’t also know I needed it like I might need this all the time I going to need to Contour the front and make up the butt inside out that’s what she did the amount of people have access to this that I would say it’s about 10 to 12 people had access to see you and whatever angle at any given time located penis flopping around know exactly what I said please come back are you kidding me luckily up a little bit it’s not like it’s the Sahara and everything is like floating down Megan Rapinoe Sue bird that they’re not only just you personally but what that means for the community is so beautiful and I think like for the I just kind of shows that it’s just it just normalizes it for a lot of other young girls that might feel the same way or that have a girlfriend and that are embarrassed there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about their to incredibly successful they’re beautiful and they just kind of laid it all out there I mean for a moment it’s kind of looks like there’s like walking through the forest and you like it’s in normalizes it and it makes it okay for like a young teenager to like see that and they’re just that’s part of America that’s part of sports that there’s so many different kinds of athletes in the sporting world and it put one certain kind of person to make a kick-ass athlete ABC a family disney-owned putting them on cover but when do you think we see two men on the cover I think that you know when the time is right and there’s an athlete organically organically I don’t think we need to force it I don’t like like I don’t think that the girls were forced I think it was just timely and it made sense but that’s when there’s something that comes up and it makes sense that’s the right time how do you balance gratitude for the present moment and everything that we’ve accomplished and the progress that were experiencing now consistently saying things aren’t still where they need to be that it’s sort of like an athlete’s point of view that I’m happy where I am today but I know I can do better and that’s sort of the attitude that we always need to have we need to look around and see all of the people that have made so much progress and celebrate them and we need to raise each other up and keep pushing forward in so many different aspects across the country if that’s what’s so important it’s so important that we do this together and let me really build each other up cuz when we do that that’s really when we sore so what’s next long-term want to do something where I can pick one and I can make people laugh and I can engage but also that I can help make a difference packet of a big deal it is it is I think like at the end of the day I want to be able to go to bed and know that I made a difference
SportsPulse: Trysta Krick sits down with U.S. olympian lightning rod Adam Rippon to discuss his experience in the body issue and spares no detail.

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