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hey there welcome to ABC News live on aerial Rush at ABC News headquarters in New York let’s get started on this very busy and very hot and humid Monday first your headlines LeBron James taking his Dallas to La he’s joining the Lakers for that whopping 154 million dollar contract for going to check in with our friends at ESPN in just a bit and also that desperate search for the soccer players who were subsumed by floodwaters in Thailand we have James Long on the ground in Thailand at those rescue workers comb through some of that crazy Devastation we’re going to check in with him in just a few minutes would first to that breaking news out of Cleveland a terror suspect arrested accused of possibly plotting to attack a Fourth of July ABC’s Jack. Has been following the very latest potential the FBI in 2015 with social media posting about Jihad the FBI or concern when the postings became more violent nature pot came in the clear Focus he was allegedly planning to attack the Independence Day parade and fireworks in downtown Cleveland they’re taking the threats very seriously the FBI can’t afford to take any chances in these cases we see the number of very simple attacks involving trucks or cars are simple weapons like knives and machetes and that’s why they take these threats so seriously mechanisms to carry out some of these attacks at what is the FBI going to these events what should people be on the lookout for anything out of place and again we seen a number of attacks in shootings and things of that nature in recent months play season around remain aware of your surroundings keep your eyes open and sign of the times that we have to be vigilant but we also have to go out and enjoy our lives at Jack. They thanks for following the very latest and we know will check in with you in just a bit exclusive interview with Michael Cohen the presidents former attorney his quote-unquote Pitbull who said he would take a bullet for president Trump speaking exclusively with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for the first time since his hotel room and his home or rated let’s take a listen I’ve spent 45 minutes in the hotel room on Saturday he’s very much now his own man I want to get her something specific starting out with win one of the big questions I asked him is what will you do if prosecutors come to you and offer you leniency in return for information on President right now he said he wanted to respect the process didn’t get into specifics added this and he added this with emphasis my wife my daughter and my son had my first loyalty and always will I put family and Country first nothing there about loyalty to president Trump Vicodin praised president Trump at all during that 45-minute interview I followed up with him again I said wait a second Michael you’re facing the real Prospect of having to choose between protecting your family and Protecting President Trump he says again family my first priority now we should say here again Michael Cohen has not been charged with anything that he is not face any charges but he has hired a new attorney and he did say once he understands what charges might be filed against me if any at all I will defer to my counselor trailer for guidance on future response know this is important as well up until now Michael Kona said different attorneys or attorneys who been part of a joint agreement with President Trump’s attorneys one Skypatrol comes on board that’s expected to be at the end of this week that joint agreement with President Trump’s attorneys is going to end that is a significant move I said you know there’s a good chance that President Trump and his team are going to come after you I’m going to come after you hard and this is where he also stiffen Define visibly straightened up and it’s and then said this I will not be a punching bag as part of anyone’s defense strategy I am not a villain in any story and won’t allow others are trying to pick me in that way for the president and his allies have compared to the FBI raid 2 always at least compared to the Stormtroopers president called it which I’m very very different message from Michael Cohen he said I don’t agree with those who demonize or vilify the FBI I respect the FBI as an institution as well agency said in fact when the FBI came to his hotel suite they were very courteous and they were very professional in fact he said when they left he shook their hands sounds like a bit of a change of tune from Michael Robert Mueller’s investigation maybe hearing a little bit away from that loyalty to the president is the White House responding at to this not a single and yet from the White House and talk to White House official if you want let’s go area and they said they’re not going to be commenting on this and I asked us if they were surprised there wasn’t a tweet from president this morning interesting way we did not hear from the president in a tweets Sarah Sanders does brief this afternoon her first on-camera briefing in a week she will certainly get asked about this but Ariel this is Michael Cohen of fiercely loyal Pitbull attack dog over many years Michael Cohen who just a few months ago has indicated in an interview that he would take a bullet for president Trump president Trump also had said in a tweet that she didn’t think Michael Cohen would flip on him he wrote people will flip if the government lets them out of trouble sorry I don’t see Michael doing that despite the horrible Witch Hunt and the dishonest media so certainly this could be a very interesting change of tune from Michael Cohen and a new chapter in this ongoing investigation will be very interesting remains to be seen or what will happen on that and also whether we will hear Sarah Sanders address this later on in that briefing but one thing we know the White House is focusing on is replacing Justice Kennedy on the US Supreme Court are we any closer to knowing the very short list of the candidates for the job and when might we actually have a decision July 9th is when the president will make his announcement to make the decision before that but he is certainly teasing this in the way that he likes to do with the former reality television show producer last year when he unveiled Justice Neil Gorsuch as his pic to fill that vacant Supreme Court seats he did it in Primetime there was a lot of maneuvering of maybe bringing other candidates to Washington and hugs egg by the White House the until they walked into the room that night I wouldn’t be surprised if the president tries to drum up a lot of suspense with this nominee but it’s also not surprising that he’s going to move very quickly to make his decision he’s working off of an original list of 25 names during the 2016 campaign on Friday on Air Force One he’s whittled down to five it includes two women he didn’t say who but signal he would start interviewing those potential candidates in the coming days so once the Press make that pic is there going to be a flurry of activity around this in the president himself predicted over the weekend that it is going to be a vicious confirmation battle and Ariel he pointed to Democrat no matter who he nominates you might also very serious sales pitch to some Republicans Susan Collins Republican of Maine very key potential vote told ABC’s arthritis over the weekend that she can’t support some of the names that are on that President List now and that is there is a nominee that indicates they would rollback overturn Roe v Wade that would not be acceptable to her Karen Travers July 9th will check in with you for the very latest thank you so much is most wanted fugitives on the run now after that Darren jailbreak over the weekend I’m not sure if you saw the video we’re going to show it to you though he escaped by helicopter and ABC’s Eva Pilgrim is on the ground falling and hunt this is a crazy store prison breakout French gangster 46 year old three Commandos hijacked his helicopter they take the pilot they forced him to fly here and they hover over this area right here is where the yellow building and the red building are very small area to put a chopper to of the Sandoz go in to get my need a Thursday but the pilot to make sure he stays with his brother at that time his brother right now is being questioned by police he’s being detained as his questions are coming but as this is play runs out with the Commandos they put them back in the chopper the prisoners are cheering spectacular escape and the chopper fly the way it ends up going out 30 minutes north of Paris where it lands they let the pile they like the chopper on fire they getting a car and they drive off the last we have seen of them they switch cars and they were going north so that’s what we don’t know exactly where they are because of people screaming but they were driving so there’s a lot of questions officials think that this was pretty well planned out prison guards are saying they sell drones flying in this area a few months before I said I’m going to show you the makeup of the prison you can see the netting so this area that actually hover the helicopters only area in the entire prison that’s not covered by that netting and the reason for that is because they don’t actually use that area where he put the chopper because that area is only use ironically when the prisoners released on their way out so there aren’t usually prisoners in that area the other issue that they had here you’ll notice the prison guards the Shacks baby’s towers built right there’s not one with a clear shot to wear the chopper was so there was no way for them to shoot the chopper down so the chopper was able to leave now this isn’t the first time that fight has actually broken out of jail in 2013 he also broke out of jail using explosives six weeks that time and he’s pretty well-known in France to give you some background on him he was serving a 25-year sentence for murder for a botched robbery that ended in the death of a female police officer thought that she was likely The Mastermind behind all of that plan and behind that platten that’s why he was in prison at one point he said he was going to change his ways and he was going to become a better man any one of the book to her and he actually talked about the fact that he watch these action movies was really into Robert De Niro and that movie Heat and he would watch the same thing over and over and over again to memorize the Platinum plans to try to create heaven real life in a lot of comparisons have been made between this plot and plan and thoughts as some movies were similar types of breakout have happened at this point there’s about 3,000 police officers that are searching for him they are hope they will be able to find him this point no word on where he can be we of course will continue to follow the story Ariel I turn to Thailand where the desperate search is still on for those 12 soccer players who were inundated by floodwaters on a mountain ABC’s James Longman has been following this effort and now James joins us live and James thank you so much for being with us we know it’s getting late what are the latest developments maybe even a tiny slice of hope I think the first thing to say is that the would k4b does this situation A disservice it is a massive Underground but off tunnels and passageways it runs for Miles inside and these kids it’s hoped and a soccer player something like to Columbus’s inside this cave Network and we’ve been speaking to dive is he right they’ve been resting as they go in working shifts all night 24 hours a day in and out of that cave who told us that they have made it now to a t Junction inside. Cave system and on the walls that I’ve seen a bit of be sure that it’s definitely these kids but some of it according to the driving time we spoke to look fresh so that is giving them a little bit of hope that at least they’re on the right way it still did the soccer players in that coach would do this kind of initiation maybe they would run into the David see how far they can get the kids are gone the farthest would write his name on The Warden and run back home because it’s so far and so deep inside they didn’t really have any idea that rain had come when the rain comes here comes quick I’m so it meant that they got stuck inside so the moment what kind of a system about three or four K berries which they’ve managed to clear but using them as kind of staging area so you think climbing Mount Everest you have staging posts along the The Climb was the same sort of idea here they made that way something 800 into the cave but they think they could be about 4 500 which is what I really hoping with this whole country actually it’s hoping that those kids and that soccer player and a soccer coach I’m waiting for them is telling you about how long those 12 soccer players in their coach may be able to survive if they are encapsulated in one of those caves 11 to 16 and that soccer player that Soccer Coaches 25 today young and so they can survive in this world environment the two things that you need oxygen and water and it seems that they may have those things there a cracked in the Rock and running water mineral water retention is coming down through the rock side as long as they can drink and then not been drinking kind of stagnant stayed will to they can give you things like typhoid another kind of water-borne diseases then it could be that I could stay and you can survive in this kind of money past the people hoping that there in four weeks even if they have those some scraps of food that they might have had when they went in so that is the hope at least I’d like I said they caught young so they survive something like this we have just like I said been speaking to people hate when the end the plan is if they get to that dry area that obviously this is it to Columbia to stretch back to getting out of the cave so sometime who have been in the dive party to stay if they get to that dry area with the kind of nutrition and other than food and Russians and things that they might need with that group for months to wait for the rain to pass because we’re waiting now is it time to time as well is it going to couple of days until more wet weather is scheduled for getting into the wet season now in Thailand so if that happens if they get to them The Rescuers could be staying in that cave with those boys for months until deposit is quite a team effort that’s underway there a James that you’re watching all of it unfold in front of you I know you’ve been talking to some family members Friends of the soccer players in their coach is his hope waning or are they still holding out hope that this may end in in a happy story here this has gripped Thailand’s this really has brought I mean in many ways brought the country together I’ve been saying all social media to pay the big part in any sorts of stories and especially here in Thailand people optimistic about finding these boys alive some of the professional divers with the proof that we put in front of us but Tai people ready Riley behind this effort in a bit add account which I was out I think you’ve got some pictures about walking around that it is a mess in the sense that it is really muddy on quite a difficult place to negotiate this is a very rural part of Thailand up in the jungle win on the border with Man mark in the middle of nowhere but people have ready rotted you’ve got volunteers from all over the country they come up to give foods to give medicine to give any anything they ready time big volunteering groups of have arrived here to try to help so yeah I think families have been waiting list of the entrance to the KFOR News I’ve been watching all the media you know payouts around this these are young kids that only those concerned for them but Thailand is waiting I should say with bated breath for these next couple of days see if the team can get into the stripe out of the cave and find those boys factor for those rescue workers in Thailand but we’re also dealing with extreme heat here in the United States ABC’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee has what you can expect the holiday thank you and we are all melting I saw some of your insta stories saying you were like it was the surface of the Sun well that’s not going anywhere let’s go ahead and talk about what’s happening in the letterhead lines we have to include the heat because you put a thermal gun on the surface and it is 130 degrees not quite surface of the Sun but plenty hot don’t want to put any pets pause or so not your hands or feet on that and then look at this dangerous heat staying with us the heat advisory for the stretching from Virginia to Maine their excess of heat warnings pockets of those throughout it’s because we’re not dropping overnight very low and them are also staying in this long long dangerous heat all the way through the end of the week for most folks this afternoon will feel like a hundred and 6th and Richmond Virginia it’ll feel like 94 in Hartford Connecticut and then watch the Jets win their the arrows that are depicted that’s actually going to Bubble even higher four parts of the Midwest I’m bringing that region the high-pressure and that means extra heat so a hundred to the feels like in Memphis by Wednesday afternoon and it feels like on the East Coast look at Washington DC staying above 90 a lot of folks are going to see seven days in a row New York City does it Ariel we’re going to see days in a row that the one in 33 year event I feel like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz I’m melting oh my goodness it is so hot out there stay hydrated everyone want to head out to Seattle quotes about the Special Olympics but of course this is a big elephant in the room LeBron James taking his talents to La he’s moving to the Lakers and this is a headlining Story the whole world is buzzing about it ESPN Jen Lada joining us now from a balmy Seattle I forgot to mention Jennifer a little jealous I hear it’s only 55° thank you so much for joining us today yes all this talk of melting melting all over the country and I’m just sitting here shivering but it’s okay it’s wonderful you mention LeBron James celebration in LA because LeBron is headed there was big just think of what it is and some of those other Eastern Conference cities like Boston and Philadelphia kunau don’t have to go through LeBron James in order to make way to the NBA finals eight straight years where LeBron has been in the finals and now as he takes his talent to La don’t have to get to the Golden State Warriors in order to get there as well so it is a huge story We of course we’re at the Special Olympics Unified yesterday very immersed in that event and with those athletes and yet when the news broke about LeBron it trickled very quickly through all of the crowded there all of the athletes obviously huge sports fans there and everybody was talking about what an impact it would have on the NBA landscape I’m hoping that at the positive impact for my Oklahoma City Thunder but we’ll leave that for another time all that analysis well it all started yesterday with the opening ceremonies right here on the University of Washington campus more than 40,000 people filled the stadium to welcome about 4,000 athletes from all over the country and to tell you I’ve been covering sports for nearly two decades this is one of the most inspirational events that you can possibly participate in the earnestness of these athletes the competitiveness of them a celebration of inclusion and diversity unmitigated you see so many people out here who work their butts off all year long to get to this stage of competition and then once they’re here the camaraderie is such a huge theme it’s an incredible event we’re so lucky to be a pain but you know the choose to include is the theme of the Special Olympics and of this event when you talk to these athletes and that’s exactly what they want they don’t want to be seen as difference they don’t want to be ostracized they appreciate Special Olympics because it is created a place to be to belong to be one of many and it is just one of the best of everything you could possibly take part in we will be here all week long bringing you coverage from ESPN on ESPN2 every single night content from the game some of the best features of the game highlighting some of these spectacular athletes and it truly is an incredible experience at the very peak of their sports or individual sports we wish them the best of luck and we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule everything is life take care Jen we want to talk about that other sports news that Heatwave gripping the UK as Wimbledon gets underway ABC’s Molly Hunter is here to break it down for us and Molly unprecedented security ahead of this matchup hey oh that’s right unprecedented security but also unprecedented heat I’ve just been hearing that Ginger and every report about how hot it is there it’s 83 degrees here which is pretty darn hot for Brits I would pay that most risk that there are melting as well security this is the kind of thing that were saying I’m just going to Vandy go down to show you this The Ring Of Steel around Wimbledon to prevent vehicular attack on those kind of Ballers all over queuing to get their tickets area there’s a massive metal cage and here you see once they’ve cute they get in there their bags are being checked on those tables anything remotely suspicious obviously taken out security at an all-time high in there though is Center this is just such excitement if they won the strawberries are ripe the champagne is chilled 40,000 people are in there we can see Rodger Federer Breeze thru earlier today but of course the match were excited for today is Serena Williams and she is going for it she’s got heart right about now I hope you’re saving us some of those strawberries and champagne Molly I expect a package in the mail sometime headlines for talking about her decision to stop breastfeeding we have a little clip we want to play you and I will talk Somali isn’t it thank you thank you for calling that out as a mom of a three-year-old I know this all too well sometimes you don’t get thinner after you breastfeed I’m only this commentary from Serena Williams iskandar from her is really Making Waves all over social media lot of moms talking about it that’s right everyone is responding actually I also one of your tweets and your stories this morning and Serena Williams’s talk about that’s a lot since her baby came into being of course she’s advocated for breastfeeding but she stop breastfeeding and one of the things that was so crazy I think about the way she spoke about it in that press conference isn’t a very personal decision every woman is different here to super star athlete who has trainers on hand to his physios on had to take care of her body actually breastfeeding which of course we heard from dr. Jen Ashton is the most medically smart way for many women to toe wasn’t a good plan for her so I love how courageous and how honest he was it actually for her body and for her family it wasn’t the best way to go Washington Nationals did talk about this morning how’d it for every moment every family they really do have to think about what’s best for them the operative word is feeding and her advisory this morning which I thought was just so good is that feed your baby and whatever way works best for you and your family I’m and I love that Honesty but she’s getting on the court for cheering on that new mom is very exciting Shirley is very exciting I love that she opened up about this and that she talked about having a vegan diet and she also talk very candidly about how her coach told her to stop because it just wasn’t good for her career it’s really a tough decision so many moms grapple with and Molly thank you so much for grappling with the heat bringing some champagne thanks from Wimbledon thank you for watching ABC News life thanks to our correspondence around the world for I saw you had the very latest on have a great Monday stay cool
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