A London school’s surprising connection to Newfoundland

attorney that sled across the ocean across Generations began here 15 years ago students at Beatrix Potter School in London England notice of while the rest of the graves were cared for these days even have a poppy for Remembrance Day kids from the school have been tending them ever since the families we know the family is a grateful 17 soldiers from the Royal Newfoundland regiment and Bertha Bartlett a nurse from Newfoundland to care for them and to learn more about stories these school kids are now touring the towns that came from a special task today placing a wooden cross at the War Memorial in British Corner Sparkletts name is inscribed she helped soldiers got better and I’m basically help me get through the injuries she don’t talk over the weekend did soldiers and yeah she got the Spanish for you cuz nothing off them is quite like interesting like learning about where she’s form and like they say lifestyle and yeah it is quite emotional the war on This Promise they wanted to join the walk they thought it was too like tour the world but it wasn’t and that it was like a whole generation wiped out and if a non-citizen much rest and they signed up the biggest highlight from this visit is Yet to Come on July 1st Memorial Day in this province they’ve been invited to march with the Royal Newfoundland regiment did the st. John’s war memorial a place of honor for a group of English school it was guaranteed that these Graves that appeared forgotten are forgotten no more Chris ameliorates CBC News brigus Newfoundland meaning of Newfoundland didn’t join Confederation until after the war and they Newfoundland July 1st as tragic connotations it marks the 1916 Battle of beaumont-hamel on the first day of the song offencive within about 30 minutes women 700 newfoundlanders with killed 90% of their regiment obliterated Memorial Day commemorates that sacrifice
Students from a London, England school have a surprising connection to Newfoundland. For 15 years, kids from the school have been tending to the graves of 17 First World War soldiers and a nurse from Newfoundland, after they discovered their graves didn’t have a poppy for Remembrance Day. Now a group of them will commemorate Memorial Day in Newfoundland.

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