A closer look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett

what is the president’s FrontRunner for the Supreme Court is a federal appeals judge from Indiana whose perceived views on abortion or being closely scrutinize so we decided to take a closer look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett Amy Coney Barrett receive shocking introduction to Washington politics which he faced off with Democratic senators last year at her confirmation hearing to sit on the seventh circuit US court of appeals the Dogma lives loudly within you and that should concern Barrett’s response was measured but on points if you’re asking whether I take my face seriously and I’m a faithful Catholic I am although I would stress that my personal Church affiliation or my which is belief would not fair in the discharge of my duties as a judge is the 46 year-old perceived views on the intersection of faith and the law that is drawn praise from conservatives and concern among Progressive she told her 2006 Notre Dame law school in class quote your legal career is but a means to an end and that end is building the kingdom of God if you can keep in mind that your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer but to know love and serve God you truly will be a different employer the rhetoric matches that of her Mentor Justice Antonin Scalia for hoochie clarkton 1998 she recalled he was a tough but fair boss and his conferences where you debated the merits of cases you really had to be on your feet know your stuff inside and out you had to be articulate has a large family she’s the mother of seven children Barrett’s talked about the challenges of juggling a busy home life and academic career as a law school professor but it was her successful political audition to service a judge its sources say and press the White House much of the Senate Focus was on abortion rights and you have no personal sure that every nominee before you has beliefs about that President many other president and many other but all nominees are united and their belief that what they think about a president should not bear and how they would decide cases was more pragmatic 2 years ago just days before the presidential election about the chances Roe v Wade would be overturned in the coming years I don’t think that you’re holding that you know weather people can get very late term abortion so you know how many restrictions can be put on Clinic I think that would change some conservatives claim it is Judge Bears face that could turn out to be her biggest problem says Amy Coney Barrett is at the peak of her profession she share space practices with millions of her co-religionist perfect experience is their faith experience let’s talk about with former Arkansas governor Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee he joins us now live two-way end of this conversation that was so pointed with her especially during her Senate confirmation for the circuit court level about what she really believes questions are sort of so you really believe in the Bible That’s the tone a lot of people felt like she was getting a person to establish people like the senator from San Francisco would say your acceptable only if you have no religion whatsoever that’s absurd of the Supreme Court 5 or Catholic three or Jews and one is an Episcopalian I might could argue Shannon we really ought to have an Evangelical but do you know what I don’t care what the religious background is I want a constitutionalist I want someone who approaches the job of a Justice of the Supreme Court with a very clear understanding that it’s not their job to bring are there personal views to their decisions but it’s their job to look at what the words of the Constitution say now they can’t separate from it I’m refreshed it is a person who takes her face for her I’d hate for someone you know I’m a Christian but I’m not much of one cuz I don’t really believe that stuff well then don’t be one then I would say she’s a phony I don’t want to I like that she’s sincere and genuine and I don’t think that’ll be a factor it’s going to be hard for some of these Democrats who will work for Hardware in the 7th circuit to suddenly say something happened I’m not for her anymore I think very hard about that boat should she be the nominee now I want to read this weekend from Springport analyst and author Jeffrey toobin says that he says see the new US Supreme Court clearly abortion illegal doctor’s prosecuted gay people from restaurants Hotel stores African-Americans out of elite schools gun control ban in 50 states the end of regulatory state Shannon quite frankly I think in the future Medical School discussions when they say here are symptoms of insanity there going to show that tweet from Jeffrey toobin and say this is what happens when a person loses his mind my Heavens this is such a departure from reality when these people go to these hyperbolic comments and that was over-the-top this is not what this is going to be about I’d love to see the Supreme Court take up the issue but not so much from the standpoint of the Roe v Wade decision which was based on privacy I think the real issue that someday is going to the Supreme Court personhood remember the fifth and Fourteenth Amendment guarantee that a person cannot be denied life or Liberty without due process. If a person includes an unborn person then they should be protected under the 14th amendment that is going to be a tough argument for the Supreme Court to deny because they’re going to be looking like they decide to some people aren’t really people we did that with Dred Scott in 1857 it did not end well I’d like to see if maybe make it better decision this time all of those legislative efforts that have happened at the state level they’ve definitely got great concerns with that being a legal Theory so we’ll see but things continue to change we learn more over the years and we’ll see Monday will learn who this person is going to be and we’ll see how the left and right react Governor thank you very much for your time
Supreme Court frontrunner’s perceived views on abortion are being scrutinized.

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