5 songs we can’t get out of our heads this summer

God’s plan actually came out in January month before the release of Drake’s new album Scorpion and it’s two chart-topping hits nice for what and in my feelings exactly exerting himself on God’s plan with vocals that kind of sound like he could have recorded them in his sleep and is it in the winter and while it’s not his best song of the year it obviously has staying power Ariana Grande has spent the summer teasing fans the song released from her new album sweetener but the album’s first single no tears left to cry is still her best has a cute 90s house beat and her vocals sound amazing as ever even though we still kind of don’t know what she’s saying wait to hear another song from sweetener that’s as good as no tears left to cry but the song is already at our defining release her the singer about how she’s overcome tragedy and emerge stronger than ever LMA is already the Undisputed breakout artist of Summer 18 and her hit single Boo. Has already inspired a bunch of remixes and totally divided listeners opinion there’s something that’s kind of love it or hate it about the song Especially its chorus which I know sounds totally swoon-worthy or like total I need depending on how cynical you are and besides Silly Love Songs are kind of what the summer is all about cardi B has only gotten better at making hits bodak yellow dominated the second half of 2017 so for her big summertime hit she wants despacito route with the bilingual I like it made a total right choice and recruiting J Balvin and Bad Bunny for the song We’re to artists who were increasingly familiar English speaking weaponized and together they created one of the Summer’s most celebratory song I know that many of us are getting sick of Drake at this point with all the videos and baby drama and people jumping out of car is for the in my feelings challenge that’s too bad because not only is nice for what Billboard songs of Summer chart liter it’s also the best song in this list it introduces listeners to the gym of a genre that is more like bounce its Dre codes to boss women which would be kind of manipulative if it wasn’t so addicted to listen to and it’s really a song that reminds us why we all got so obsessed with Drake in the first place
Here are our top 5 picks for song of the summer. What’s your summer soundtrack?

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