360 video: Exploring the High Line, NYC’s elevated urban park

I am Andrea Sachs travel writer at the Washington Post in on a recent trip to New York City I spent the entire visit on the narrow 1.45 how long strip, Highline join me as I explore the high line from top to bottom starting at the most northern Point walk up the ramp at 34th West Street entrance of The High Line and leave the cast of Manhattan’s west side behind the elevated Park which was built on an abandoned Railway between 2009 and 2014 parallels the Hudson watch the river traffic flow by and don’t forget to blow a kiss too The High Line is part Arboretum part Art Gallery in addition to more than 500 varieties of plants several artworks appear along the road such as the mural I lift my lamp beside the golden store for the best for you grab a seat on the reclaimed teak steps or stretch out on the Park’s only lawn shoes are not required at the dealer Von Furstenberg Sundeck and what Splish Splash in the spray and then dry off on a wheeled lounge chair that sits on a restored section of the railroad track when you’re ready to roll again Wok South from West 14th Street towards 12th Street Andrea Bowers a Los Angeles face artist created the neon peace we are 11 million for the Highline group exhibit Agora the show features nearly 10 artists who explore such things as how heart change society and its role in public spaces the 11 million refers to the number of undocumented immigrants in the country at the 10th Avenue square and Overlook Kickback on the wooden steps and watch the Street Scene below for different perspective climb down the stairs and gaze up at the window frame people on The High Line depending on your direction the Highline ends or starts at the Whitney Museum of American art to see where you’ve been or where you’re going step out of one of the four outdoor Terraces through the raindrops play I Spy and point out the Hudson River the Meatpacking District the rooftop water towers The Standard Hotel and a very green patch at the park
Transformed from an elevated freight rail line into an urban park on Manhattan’s West Side, the High Line is one of the most unique parks in New York City. Post travel writer Andrea Sachs explored the 1.45-mile strip and found everything she needed along the trail.

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