Trade between provinces a hot topic at premiers’ meeting

Countess premiers are making their way to New Brunswick for their summertime Summit a chance to tackle a long list of issues from interprovincial trade to gaps in rural Transit what are... Read more »

Premier Doug Ford says Liberals “cooked the books”

your fed up with being deceived fed up with paying more and getting less fed up with a shady accounting tricks because in the last 15 years nothing was off the table... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 17, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

tonight president Trump goes for a do-over after siding with Putin and blaming America that Russia interfered in the election Kohl’s in our intelligence agencies the moment the Lights Went Out of... Read more »

The Last Blockbuster In The U.S. | NBC Nightly News

in Bend Oregon no red carpet is needed for this movistar a Blockbuster video store because two shops in Alaska are closing their doors prompting mourners dressed in black to pause and... Read more »

24 Hours Later, President Donald Trump Claims He ‘Misspoke’ In Helsinki | NBC Nightly News

the meeting that I had with President Putin was really strong first the backlash now the walk back president Trump tonight reading from prepared remarks delivered his attempt at a zoo over... Read more »

Congressional GOP Scrambles To React Amid President Donald Trump Helsinki Fallout | NBC Nightly News

and I also did President Trump’s performance in Finland fueling Fierce criticism on Capitol Hill today much of it from fellow Republicans on willing to follow the president and siding with Putin... Read more »

Lava Bomb Injures 23 People On Hawaii Tour Boat | NBC Nightly News

just after Sunrise the fireball exploded out of the ocean hair and panic rattling a tour boat play me rocks shower Dash we can hear the rocket boat and the people yelling... Read more »

Firefighters Scrambling To Slow Surging Inferno Near Yosemite | NBC Nightly News

tonight firefighters scrambling to slow the march of a surging Inferno that have a Ferguson Fire from exploding more than twelve thousand acres over the last few days now turning through a... Read more »

Suspected Houston Serial Killer Spotted By News Crews, Captured By Police | NBC Nightly News

good item manhood is over in police custody of suspected serial killer 46 year-old Jose Gilberto Rodriguez Tristan of violent crime spree in and around Houston including three murders and attempted murder... Read more »

Anderson Cooper stunned by Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ claim

Kennedy when President Trump meets Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday you’ll be more prepared than ever armed with more evidence than ever to confront him over Russia’s attack on the 2016... Read more »