16+ Trending Animals Images Of The Day

Falcor Holy moly Like he knows what is on it One sleepy pup Very intelligent. They only stay in their tanks because they like it there. Let me tell you a joke... Read more »

19 Hilarious Uber Animal Memes

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Watch blood moon full lunar eclipse LIVE

The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and... Read more »

Teacher by day, Nazi-themed wrestler by night

you know teaching is a tough job offering for not enough pay and now one Middle School teacher here in Pennsylvania is in hot water from Moonlighting at another gig during the... Read more »

Dan Bongino slams Ocasio-Cortez’s plans for taxes

if people pay their fair share of corporations in the ultra-wealthy that’s two trillion dollars right there that’s an additional amount of large amount just last year we gave the military a... Read more »

Trump praises U.S. steel, bashes the media during Illinois rally – Daily Mail

we’re here today to celebrate a great Victory is a victory for all of you for this community and for our entire country after years of shutdowns and cutbacks today the best... Read more »

After 15 years on boil advisory, Semiahmoo First Nation getting drinkable water

15 years is a long time to wait for a reliable source of clean drinking water but that’s how long a first nation in British Columbia has been under a boil water... Read more »

Doug Ford to slash number of Toronto councillors Q&A

downtown Toronto is Tasha keratin host of the Tash of keratin show in New York tonight we have Sean’s beer he’s a senior fellow a fiscal policy normally at the McDonald Laurier... Read more »

Air Canada to raise fare prices, citing higher fuel costs

that next flight on Air Canada could cost you more the airlines top boss warned airfares are going up to help make up for soaring fuel bills Jimmy Lee is here at... Read more »

Sen. John McCain’s ‘thumbs down’ vote against repealing Obamacare: An oral history

you remember what was at stake this was about rolling Healthcare back for millions and millions and millions of people and we’re 48-52 centered at that moment the bill had already passed... Read more »