‘I want my family together’: Thousands rally in D.C. to protest of U.S. immigration policy

when I was little and I got lost in the mom separated for a couple minutes I got really really upset it must be terrifying to be separate for a really long... Read more »

Anti-immigration protestor: ‘This is not our country’

I don’t believe in this is not America this is not our country this is not what we should be doing changing kids lying to the public all of the aboveThousands of... Read more »

Daughter of undocumented parents gives powerful speech

they’re Community my name is Leo I am 12 years old and I’m from Miami Florida I am the proud daughter worker who loves me very much my mom’s job is very... Read more »

Rep. John Lewis On Border Crisis: ‘We Can Do Better’ | NBC News

you are sick and tired of seeing the babies taken from their mothers I never people speak into better much better Amazing Frog Washington imagine compare what I call the community apply... Read more »

State’s Attorney speaks on Maryland shooting suspect – Daily Mail

mr. Ramos is alleged of executed a brutal series of attacks on innocent victims in assessing the evidence in this case we brought to the judges attention the evidence that suggested a... Read more »

Blind man rescued after falling onto Toronto subway tracks

Toronto man is being hailed as a hero this morning after his fast actions help save a man who had fallen onto the tracks at a subway station Megan Roberts is here... Read more »

Drivers vs. cyclists: What needs to be done to make Canada’s roads safer?

versation all you need to do is head over to CBC News his Facebook page that’s at facebook.com CBC News you can leave your comments in the questions rather the comment section... Read more »

Celebrities attend immigration policy protests

my name is Alicia Keys thank you and I’m a mother. got low sound issue I love you thank you my seven-year-old son is here with me today his name is Egypt... Read more »

Trump heads to his New Jersey golf club with Melania and Barron – Daily Mail

is there president mr. president will you stop calling journalist enemies of the people sir look upThe 48-year-old first lady and President Donald Trump were joined by her mother Amalija Knavs, his daughter... Read more »

Save Toffee! Town struggles for days to save deaf puppy in hole – Daily Mail

we’ve been following the story of coffee the puppy who’s been stuck in a hole for more than 24 hours Rescuers have tried multiple methods to get her out including a collapsible... Read more »