2-year-old rescued after 18 hours in the woods

amazing rescue story of two year old girl lost in the woods for 18 hours temperature something 90° police had their cadaver dogs out that’s where they thought this was heading the Forest Area they were searching was quite large but this ended well this is the moment after hours of searching and helicopters in the air and boats in water when a team of Savannah police Cadets heard what sounded like a crying child since the night before police we’re worried she drowning a creek the top have been located the woods are near the girls home and nearly a mile why these new hires on only their second week of training for pulled out of class to help but weren’t expecting it sitting in the middle of class and said that there’s a missing child in Port Wentworth so we have we’re going to go and sis it was burning hot 94 degrees in the shade and there she is on there police body cameras you can hear their relief when they find the girl Florida Lottery is not harm just a couple of minor scratches and are going to make sign officers she’s been there quite a while Open Arms ready to go she was thirsty she was tired and she was hot so charges filed against that mother who lost her daughter as they were walking along a wooded area was that wooded area they do say those when she lost her child that she was so distressed that she too had to be hospitalized please also tell that the little girl was unharmed but dehydrated and this is a small reminder that police across the country Serve and Protect every single day look at that to the responders but they’re going through the 94 in the shame so thankful that she survived ABC News YouTube channel click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4 breaking news alerts thanks for watching
A team of Savannah police cadets, in only their second week of training, found the girl, Kamiyah Vicks, who was dehydrated but unharmed, police said.

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